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NZ Couple experience in COVID Hotel + AKL Protest on Lockdown happened today

Watch video from couple returning from Europe to NZ and their experience in Hotel Isolation: Coronavirus Quarantine in New Zealand | Returning Home in Lockdown

Especially at 7min30sec the man Myron in video states: 'I didn't get tested (for COVID) because what ever Hannah's results are (Hannah showing flu symptoms), are going to be the same for me (even though man not showing symptoms)... curious... Is this not artificially bumping up COVID numbers stats unncessarily?
and same video at 9:10min Hannah shares Í have all the symptoms of COVID, am awaiting my results, we are not allowed outside our room, but the cleaners have been forced to come into our room, while we are in here, because we can't leave, we don't even get any notice (of the cleaners)'and the man adds 'no one should be coming in here without full robes (we) feel so bad (for the cleaners).
Source: Hannah & Myron Youtube channel
NEWSFLASH: This protest against Lockdown happened today 22Aug2020 in …
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Souvenirs: The Marketing Cycle Begins!


The REAL work (for me anyway) is just beginning.
Working hard now on the 'marketing cycle' (typically the next 6months after a new release like this).I mean here I am awake since 4am (now 6am). Literally Round the clock guys!
Just so you know I'm doing my best efforts 'in the background' working hard to compliment this release.

A great youtube channel on PR I whatsappd you aboutBurstimo Agency: also learned a thing or over the years with

The sobering stat: 40K+ songs uploaded per DAY on spotify alone, so its only the most relentless, marketing and good music only go handinhand hey....
I have applied for some FM-frequency radio slots, and will be applying to KiwiHitDisc in June
I been pitching to radio and every 4 hours when possible on
The 'story building', and 'Spotify …

Souvenir (The Final song of new EP) Song Evolution in 7 years

The final song for the EP we are currently working on is the title track, Souvenir.

Here is the story from origin to present.

It is finally getting full band treatment and a reimagining in mid 2020, after first writing it mid November 2012.

The very first blog spot regarding Souvenir, I was in 'deep' when in the mood of writing this "the last 2 weeks have been really tough. I have had uncontrollable shakes of crying fits fearful of when/how and if I can pay to eat next week."

And demo

Then it was sharing it with some friends, and here, Souvenir Jam with mark n andy in uk when song was 2days old according to YouTube description And me jamming souvenir at home 3 years ago, so this song, well, I've just lived with this song a long time Excited to hear the 2020 revision? Well bookmark to be notified of release. Only friend is newest song out of the EP bunch, I wrote only friend i think 4 months ago whe…

Financial Disclosure May 2020 the cost of making a record (number revealed in post)

Hello blog readers (if any, if so be kind and tell me your reading by posting a comment will you? :)

I write to you at 3am, but sometimes my brain is creative during these hours :) Sorry for the lengthy read... that's what a blog is for though right? Have you got a cup of tea while reading this?

I just wanted to be transparent with how the new EP is coming along, we are almost finished with this project. Next EP I don't imagine to be for another year or two maybe. That's if I still have good songs in me. I write all the time, but you know, good songs, they just come to you when they come to you. A gift from the muse gods.

I have decided to disclose to you with 'nothing to hide accountability policy' because honesty and real, are traights that I hold closely.
I feel that money is 'energy' and some fans certainly helped me in my career and I am so ever thankful to be in this journey with you, slowly building my studio over the years to cut costs in the long …

New 5 song EP in the works - post it notes on my face

I've been pretty quiet on social, as struck the iron while its hot and working remotely with a bunch of session musicians from previous #thisflighttonight records to make a brand new 5 song EP.
The last 48hours feels like audio school all over again, jumping from one session straight to another barely doing anything else (including eating or showering) but writing and recording. Happy its coming along nicely, what a team! Ps. Post it notes on my face so i don't forget track notes. Some songs a year old and some date as far back as 7 years or so. Finally getting a band treatment.
The Session Players:
Ralphe Some Passionate Guy putting this all together, working on Cubase 9.5 PC
David from Paradise EP 2016: on Logic Pro X
Drums: Angus from Nothing to Declare EP 2019: Working on awesome kit/home room, unknown PC setup, the b…