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Symonds St Cemetery - A World Below the Land of the Living

I have lived in Auckland for many years, but this day was different. After deciding to go on a massive walk to jog my creative thoughts, I walked past the Symonds Street graveyard situated under the Grafton bridge in town. It puzzles me to think why I never noticed this part of the cemetery before. Probably because it is well hidden by the motorway off-ramp and the shoulder height walls that enclose the cemetery. I peered over the walls to discover a vast land of hedge stones. I wondered how to actually get to the cemetery below which was miles down from where I was peering. So I found the gate which was rusty and open, and decided to wonder in. I walked down a flight of stone stairs and discovered a whole new world below the land of the living. Unlike the land of the living with its noisy traffic and hustle and bustle of people moving in random directions, the cemetery was very quiet - the noise of the traffic unnoticeable. The cemetery was shrouded with greenery and I