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Top 10 Tips on Lyric Writing

1.Think of strong song titles. 2.Read lots of lyrics, watch lots of movies, listen into peoples conversations, listen to lots of songs. 3.Carry a portable recorder or record on your mobile phone. 4.Try to decipher what the common cliches are, then try to rewrite what has been said into something completely new, something unsaid. Find a balance between cliches and non-cliches. Some cliches feel good to sing. 5.Pay close attention to the opening and/or closing lines of your verses. 6.Make your Chorus as simple and as ordinary conversational lines as possible. Your Chorus should not be too poetic, keep the abstract lines for your verses and make your Chorus easy to sing and to remember. 7.Too many syllables? What is easier to remember? 34567890925 or 1235? 8.Try and be unique. 9.Enjoy the creative process. Discover the wonders of collaborating. 10.These are the rules I live by, now create your own. - Ralph.

Working Musician

I am 27, and its only been in the last two years of making original music that I actually have a project with momentum: band: ighttonight - http://www.thisflighttonight.c om I started when I was 18 so its been a lot of trials and tribulations. To eat; I struggled with temp work, no work, now having a day time job... Daytime job is the best option at the moment as its set Mon-Fri and I don't take "homework" home in the evenings and the weekends giving me time to spend with my band. Plus it feeds me and shelters me. It's hard to break off the whole not working thing, otherwise you starve, been there. Damn this economic-slavery system. But you play it like a game. One of the greatest quotes I've heard: "That's why they call it working and not happy fun time". It's these playful words that make me smile when I get down - and I often fall into swings of depression. But I find an outlet and I'm grat