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Ultimate Guide to Kiwi Bands: How to take your music to the next level

Last night I went out to support one of my favorite upcoming kiwi acts; The Nowhere Effect ( ) - you have to hear their song live: "Bigger". It got me thinking, a great band like that, with great songs do what they do best - play and write music. But like most musicians they need just that little nudge to take their music to the next level. I'll save you two years of hard slogging and recommend the following things to do as your band's new year resolutions. My essential guide for kiwi bands: 1. No matter what you do, don't forget music comes first. Be the best player you can be, practice lots, and continue to live and breathe music. Do music for the right reasons, not money, but because you love it. If you get money, that is a bonus. But don't undersell what you do either. Think supply and demand, and play the game. Is your supply damn hot? Does your product sell itself? Create great music, that's the onl