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Aly Cook's advice to musicians

I always like to achieve at least one thing everyday .. one article .. one radio station playing my song, one person adding to my page ... You just have to work REALLY hard . Everyday I search for new oppotunities for exposure of my music. It is all about being driven to succeed. If luck does not just come your way, you have to make your own luck. You know Ralph Warren Engle, we are so so lucky because the internet has been the major record companies foe... but for the independent musician it has opened doors to the public and that public is learning new ways of finding music. They used to just find it on commercial radio and record shops and TV .. now it is the public discovering more and more new music through other ways .. We just have to make sure we get our music in as many places as well can. So when they look .. we are there for them to find .. Aly Cook