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The American Dream / Billy Corgan

(1) Really good, I donated :) "The American Dream". Educational AND Entertaining short film (animation): [Watch] (2) The Smashing Pumpkins (.com) has a song called "Barb Wire" too! (Same American spelling). Wow this was NOT intentional :P Billy Corgan went on Alex Jones to talk about his experiences with the music industry. [Watch] Your thoughts? Should musicians get into "uncomfortable" discussions like this, or just "play music"? Contact me for discussion.

My Guide to New Truthers

Our world is governed by how we trade, the invention of money. Through decades of greed, the money creators are at their peak and now have control of every influential power in society, from politicians, education, to entertainment and all in between. Much like a game of Monopoly, players come and go. But the game started way before we were born. Watching documentaries are a good way of "waking up". Unfortunately most people do not have the attention span to uncover the truth or simply deny it because the truth is hard to swallow, much like the "red pill blue pill" analogy of the movie The Matrix. Like The Matrix, the rabbit hole is deep. The rulers of this world know that they must keep the people entertained and distracted to prevent them from reading and watching the truth. The truth that threaten their very power. You will see glimpses of truth in mainstream media, but much of it is censored for media itself has been bought out for the interests

Dad's Tale of Riches & The Underworld

Untangling the case of my entrepreneur birth father (whom I've never met). A tale of riches, fame, kidnapping, silence within family members, and the underworld. No wonder I have a taste for conspiracy. I could write a book about him as I collect notes on his history and unknown whereabouts. Through this web, I seek solace in music as therapy from abandonment, from issues of an absent father figure and absent family normality. I find it a challenge to trust mankind, as I question the world only to unlock more questions. Corruption and power build artificial smokes and mirrors in lust of absolute control, but at their peril of self and perhaps us all. This unquenchable lust of becoming demigods. Google: "Rafael Engle Manila" or "Raffy Engle".