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Sydney VS Melbourne VS Auckland

Hey guys just to answer a few Qs about Australia; Sydney has the BEST weather (sun sun sun), BUT trafficjams here can be a nightmare. Melbourne has a "nicer calmer artistic vibe" than Sydney but the weather is "Four Season" like Auckland. One big pro of Melbourne is the easy tram&rail service which makes "going out" attractive to do, and there's many edgey cool places to find in the city (Rooftop Bar has great views + Original Music gigs have better turnouts). Auckland at times feel a bit dull as not enough going on & always worrying about parking. Oz is definitely good for entertainment people like me, but nothing beats a good NZ beach. And I do miss my buddies in NZ Summary: Sydney for Weather, Melbourne for Entertainment, Auckland for Friends & Beaches.

In time... we will all have Chips for Money

I recently watched the Hollywood movie "In Time" featuring Justin Timberlake... I couldn't help but think if this was the elites way to program the public into "normalcy" when this technology becomes the norm. A pretext so we will accept it to be normal. In a way, total control through digital money is present now with credit cards and most money created digitally. I actually overheard a guy in internet cafe a few days ago, an American, he said his credit-card was frozen and he was screwed to come home. The bank just said it was stolen from his account through scammers and they froze his funds while they try and find out who it is, except this delays his travel plans and freezes his other accounts. If someone's life can be dictated through a bunch of numbers punched in on a computer, to strip away the undesirables by keeping a database of protestors... and keep the slave-worthy sheeple, well this is a disturbing future to think about. Watch bet

The true history of the banking cartels

The real life Monopoly game.

The Mini-Releases and Collaborative Approach

Here's the 'Yearbook' project Chris Grant told me about at Rooftop bar Melbourne. What a great gift & soothing music. I also love the concept of it, focusing on the ever-flowing stream of new music combined with artwork. And mini-releases with "guest musical contributions from numerous artists"" is possibly the future avenue for TFT project. The possibilities of collaboration via internet (receive guitar and bass stems over the internet, and work with engineer in UK to record drums and vocals to create new recordings)...., My ears are always on the hunt for great instrumentals and lyrics for use in the TFT project.


My feet is pretty sore from all the walking but I'm currently self-promoting the debut album at the radio stations here in Collingwood Melbourne, just finished visiting 3CR 855AM, now grabbing a quick bite before heading to PBS 106.7FM. Here is a picture of  Chris Grant & I hanging out at a cool rooftop bar in Melbourne. Chris is a mate and co-writer for TFT songs "Friendly Fire" & "All My Life".

The "Value" of Music

(above) Angela Carter talks about the "values" of music. Add her on Facebook: After watching Angela's video, I then asked my friends and fans: What is the "value" that you get, from the music I make, and/or, the music by your favorite bands - the ones you support and buy from? ..................................... Here are comments I received, and just LOVE. Thank you. Laura Lewis (France): Music is to me like Love. It's either right there right away...or not. And coming from a background of having been with a band that did make it to NYC and made that deal (ancient history 1976-80's) and went through all that drama and thrill of the whole thing, beginning to inevitable end (and the breakup at the verge of real "success" bah), its a bit different from my viewpoint, I guess. Never in my life did I depend on the top Pop radio; we were always digging for the "cutouts"

Greedy banks have waged war on the 99%

The rich are getting richer & the poor are getting poorer. Greedy banks have waged war on the 99% with weapons of "interest", "debt" & "derivatives". Entertainment of today try to dumb the people down to distract us from "thinking". But in Greece, Quebec, America, and all around the world the people OCCUPY and wake up. The banking crisis explained: "Do not exact interest from your countryman either in money or in kind" (Lev 25:36)

The Global Crisis is due to Derivatives in Banking

The Global Financial Crisis has one author. The invention of "Derivatives" in the Banking Industry. A "derivative" is a kind of "casino gamble" where you bet on predictions, which creates fake currency. The level in "bonus culture" is also something that is not seen in any other industry. Yes, I think... at one stage banks were good, when they stood for "dollar value = commodity". For example $1 meant you owned 1 bar of gold. It's when banks started creating complex products like "interest/debt" and the ultimate insane product the "derivative" ... that's when banking became like casinos, and in turn stuffed up the markets,. why did they do this? Because some people got EXTREMELY RIDICULOUSLY rich from it. In no other industry will you have such a culture of massive personal increases in bonuses for certain individuals. It's pure greed and quite frankly the general public is suffering bec

Busking in Sydney VS Busking in Auckland

There are things I love about Auckland, but Sydney seems like "Auckland on Steroids". My experiences: AUCKLAND BUSKING: The People: - 1 million people in Auckland. - Auckland is home. And there is high chance of seeing someone you know, great to have a chat to them, and because you know them they are more likely give you coins. - Depends on the area, some areas people ignore buskers, so it pays to find the right spots. I have only found two good spots in Auckland because there just isn't as much foot traffic everywhere. - Individuals can generously tip more amounts than Sydney individuals, but due to population you generally come out with less in total at the end of the day. You will get the odd person buying a CD per day. If I am lucky I'll sell two in one day. Some days I sell zero CDs. - Higher chance of seeing same people, increases the chance they start recognizing you. It was nice getting to know some "regulars" and them saying hi and/or sm

Illegal to hand out leaflets

I'd love to see more protests like this, it takes epic balls to do it, but it gets easier when more people get into it. Don't listen to the men in yellow jackets otherwise your rights WILL get thinner and thinner. It is an outrage that the Council Bylaw can ban handing out leaflets in a public place. So let me get this straight, corporations can dish out leaflets (sales / product promotions) yet the public can't? Is it not one law for them and another for the little guys yet again? Don't buy into the BS.

Josh Leys Collab / Are you looking for a co-writer?

Would like to thank the talented Josh Leys for the extremely FUN collab we did on his debut EP, thank you APRA for my first royalties from Joshey's radio/TV airplay. I hope this is a shining start to more collaborations! If you are an upcom ing artist looking for a co-writer (Lyrics/Arrangement/Signature "RalphE Ear Candy") then do get in touch, I'd love to hear about your next project. > Email

How to create Buzz through Dishonest Youtube views

So there's this new indie band I know. I've been to their live shows but hardly anyone turns up, yet... I'm thinking wow, there's a lot of buzz to this band, there's a lot of views on their Youtube video. Like a good sheeple I celebrate their success based on their Youtube hits. You even hear of "breaking artists" being promoted because they were made successful via a Viral Video. But what do these numbers really mean? I decide to look at the small print, on the bands' video I click on "Show Video Stats" next to view count, and find the line: "First referral from –" So I visit that website, and 'what's this'? You can BUY youtube video counts, likes and subscribes?! Just like that?! I remind myself never to believe the hype, to listen and judge with your own ears. Sure this sort of thing has been going on for years. Back in the day you could "buy" Myspace plays, it just n

Too Big To Fail NZ Music Funding Scheme

Happy New Zealand Music Month! Or, is it... "May Day"? NZ On Air is funded by Arts and Culture (spending about $5.2 million per year I believe) yet they're essentially funding commerce - they specifically target music for commercial radio, no artistic merit considered. Most Kiwi Hits funding are given to Major Labels. Why so? I don't really get the NZ Kiwi Hits Funding Scheme, is it no different to the "too big to fail banks scheme" where to be a part of it you have to rub shoulders with the "in-crowd"? Most of the artists that do get funding are Major Labels (huh!), that's money that is taxpayers coin. Then they want musicians to contribute $2000 of the funding and if your song is a success you have to pay it back. I don't know, I don't really think you NEED $2000, it's more fun to gather my own team, and make a creative song+video for less, it seems you get more creative the smaller your budget. Then trying to get