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Warren G talks about Royalties and Music Industry

Do you remember Warren G - he had some major hits right? But here he talks about receiving poor royalties from hit albums. My perception is this, to be successful you NEED a major label because they hold the monopoly. They prey on young/minority people when they are most creative and naive, only to use them for their gift and promise them the world. But you see, I hold a punk attitude which is why I say NO to this third label interested here in UK. I just want to build my own team of people passionate about music and nothing more. Passionate about new music and fans who love music. I've turned off the TV because music on mainstream is like junk food to me, it doesn't nourish my music appetite, I have to turn to the the small independent voice of the internet.

London Busking

WOW ok maybe I am a little hard on myself sometimes, but I guess busking in London is not so BAD after all, this great photo was taken without my knowledge and put on Facebook. I love it. Anyways I had a really good jam with an amazing musician today and we have agreed to work on some new TFT demos together. This could be just positive energy needed for London.

Homeless America - Living on the Edge

It saddens me to hear homeless stories because I know the cause is our Greedy Unbalanced Financial System. One accident or one job lost and Homelessness can happen to any of us. At busy shopping areas, I look at crowds of consumers, to see zombies hungry for materialism. Their eyes radiate self-absorbed uncaring windows. What a society we have become, thanks to the programming of pop culture and media. We are programmed to look the other way. But my eyes are awake for my fellow man. I help where I can, and rather than buy junk to keep up with The Jones', I give to those in need, a few dollars here and there, or at least say "hello" to them and treat them like human beings. They have stories to tell, and humans are always known to have complex circumstances, so it is dismissive to judge a person by the cover. Listen to my song "Unborn", it was written about a Homeless lady begging, and people ignoring her as if she was a ghost and didn't exi

The Police force is the New Army?

I just had a vision. It all makes sense now. People have been tainted by the Army image, as stories of war shows many terrible events. But the job-cuts could they be all intentional? People need to make a living and right now there are a few industries that are unaffected by the recession. Manual Labour (slavery), Mining (slavery with risks), and Force (private security & police). In New Zealand there was lots of advertising to recruit new police over several years. It's like the elite predicted there would be an uprising and they will need protection when people start rioting. What do they have planned next?

Conditioned to evacuate when the Fire Alarm goes on

Regular drills in workplaces and education buildings have conditioned people to evacuate a building if the Fire Alarm goes off. This could be another weapon used against us, be mindful. As seen in this video, the Auckland student protest started off well but was fused-off by the alarm. I also question why comments have been disabled on this video.

Elect Leaders to Defeat the Elite Empire

All the events unfolding now: - Student marches - Employment lay-offs - Business going under - Police protecting white collar criminals instead of the general public ... they all are symptoms of one cause, The Federal Reserve System. Shut that down and the rest of the evil empire will follow. We need to act now and: - Elect leaders in our communities - Create clans - Exchange ideas in study groups We need to be organized and have leaders in the battlefield ready to direct our resistance. We can also be mindful of where we invest our money. Invest not in the old-system for doing the same thing again and again does not create change. - There is no need to accumulate useless material stuff - There is no need for The Mafia Insurance industry - There is no need to borrow money at interest There is no reason to invest in the finance industry. Instead, invest in new media, invest in Independent Entrepreneurs. It's time to create new industries in every field. Fire i