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Divide and Conquer the Arts

My belief is the power of "music combined with community" is being twisted into a destructive competitive culture in which fame outweighs the art. I turn to the charts to see a circus rather than artists I would admire both in their musicianship and what good morals they stand for. Competitiveness is further promoted by "popular" TV shows such as Idol, but why? I have a theory for this. Competition is promoted I believe because it drills into peoples minds that we must "work hard" and that we must fight for the crumbs which we the poor are given. This is of course productive to an elites' agenda. If we will do anything for riches we work harder, which on the contrast it seems that when we work harder we end up with less. It's a golden carrot at the end of a stick which we can never seem to reach. Competitiveness I believe is promoted because people power is weakened when we are divided. Rather than embrace the fact that society is filled with talen