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What is the Magic behind music?

MUSICIANS. According to the website: "Musicians are being summoned to heal our energy field.  From the scientific data accumulated through rigorous research and study, the conclusion has been made that musicians hold the most power in this Universe. The power consists of the ability to create vibration and resonant frequencies that effect the unified field of consciousness, relieve stress, heal, and restore." Well my response would be, with great power comes great responsibility.

Chemtrails in NW London - and they don't even hide it

I've seen chem-trails in NZ before but NEVER like in London. They are just downright obvious here! In the space of 20mins I just saw aircraft form clouds and they ACTUALLY do so in a square pattern grid like they are spraying a farm! A human farm! I never thought I'd see such an obvious display, and all because I wake up at 7:20am. A shame about this video quality, it's my built in laptop camera because I don't personally own or have access to a camera this morning. Damn it! From what I saw, it takes 20mins roughly from spraying to creation of clouds. 27 Aug 7:15am: I see a square pattern grid of two low flying craft spraying. They move slowly and are disguised like commercial aircraft, but commercial aircraft surely doesn't fly at that height. The sky is very clear and blue. 7:25pm: Grey "smoke" clouds, thick, blanket areas where it has just been sprayed. 7:35pm: Grey smokey clouds then slowly evaporate and disappear, but then the blue sky is

Private Security vs Busker

Hello welcome to England, where the "law" protects corporations like "ISS Pegasus" and use thugs like Private Security to claim public spaces. I've seen this time and time again here in London and it's happened to me too. They watch through CCTV, so why can't we film them? Musicians are being moved, silenced, fined and charged all because we want to entertain. Who's side will YOU be on? Let the punk spirit in music live on. ISS is advised by Goldman Sachs - oh now it makes sense! major_shareholders.cfm Below - an old war propaganda poster! Ah yes history repeating.  We should all contribute to something larger then ourselves. Don't give up on change!

Invest in People and Ideas

My idea: Invest in people and ideas rather than useless consumer junk to keep up with Jones. You'll save the planet by consuming less junk, and perhaps change the planet too.

Blank Faced Bankers

So I just met this woman who works for a firm that has wealthy bankers as clients and her sole job is to find ways of how to dodge taxes for her clients. Her comments were she "hates her job" because her clients can be so arrogant, they have no personality and are always thinking of ways to cut their costs to increase their own profits. When she tries to have a normal conversation with them their face is just blank. I had a similar comment come from a friend who's job is to deal artworks and paintings for wealthy clients. He deals with super rich clients that also have expressionless faces.

The Art of Burning Banks

I love artists that cause controversy. Painters, musicians, free thinkers are a threat to our slavery system.