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Post Gig Rant - Power's Bar Kilburn

Last night's gig was my UK band's debut - was so much fun to play with them! London crowd was totally responsive :D Loved it how some random wanted to sing and I gave him the guitar and he had a beautiful voice and sweet set! Throughout my band's set, we had one token stranger groupie woman dancing right from the start, lots of hugs and shakes from a happy crowd after the set, collected 30 emails, got fed pizza and free drinks and paid a small fee that covered expenses. And I thought we were gonna play to two people because the other bands cancelled! Some of their fans still came and was like, "oh what the other bands cancelled?" One guy was like "Yes I know who you are, you are This Flight Tonight the band with that video with the dancing girls!"... met one girl who was there, who writes live music reviews, I hope she writes about us! We had a spill of randoms because the venue is in a nice spot! A fun turnout! - Love you London you looked good last nig

The Poor are resource rich

I'm thinking; the rich have money, which can be exchanged for goods & resources. But without the people to make or do things for the rich, their money is worth nothing. So I'm thinking a shift in mindset needs to happen. We the poor do not have money, but if you look at the people around you, you are resource rich by joining forces. Look to our friends and through each others natural resources such as items already owned, and ideas and creativity, we can empower each other to be resource rich and help create our dreams whatever those may be, without or with little money. Just believe in each other and make each others dreams come true - RalphE <3

Is FB on a downward spiral?

A friend posted this on FB: F. Williams: Ok so I have to say something about a certain issue that's been bugging me. Although I like the fact that Facebook allows me to passively see what friends are up to (particularly those overseas) through photos that they post etc which come up on my wall, I however do not like, this increasing trend of seeing photos some of my friends list "like" of the smutty, sexual, soft porn nature. I personally do not want to see it and find it offensive to be bombarded by mostly naked women on my own Facebook. I understand people will do what they do but I fear that the sheer popularity of these images will only desensitize us all and really should not be on such a public forum with little sisters and mothers! It may also be the feminist in me but I hate the objectification of women in this manner. I think it's a sad society that "likes" more on the size of boobs than on the amazing and compassionate strength of

Uniforms are Costumes

Should those who claim authority hold the god-like right to tell others what is right or wrong, just because they are wearing a uniform and you are not? Here's a video showing the lighter side. How police stop cars in Russia. (or not) Youtube comment: "There is a culture here, but it's hard to label it. Cattle, maybe? I'm sure it has something to do with working to pay off endless debt and worshipping celebrities. There's also a healthy portion of "I don't know the truth" due to spoon feeding from the propoganda machines operating under the guise of "news"...CNN, FOX, etc. I love America, but I wish people would get their heads out of their asses and wake up. This isn't reality and it's making us dumb. - Lewis Bosworth" I think the costume trick is starting to wear off, so that leaves intimidation. Bring in CCTVs, that way we can't see who our playground bullies are. Has CCTV helped society or damaged i

Brainwashing Module 1 / Sep 11 Anniversary

September 11 2001, this happened: Has the majority of the world forgotten? Effective mind control is everywhere, speak out your mind and your labelled a conspiracy theorist. I am not so, I am rather a critical thinker. Sure, this sergeant is preparing soldiers for the brutality of combat, but it all just seems so childish to me. Have we not evolved? "Yes sir, I will join the army, but only because I cannot afford college."

Come together and make the statement - enough!

(Viewer Discretion Advised)

Thom Yorke warns of Major Labels

Radiohead's Thom Yorke warns all aspiring & upcoming musicians to avoid the major record labels! Thom warns... the music business establishment completely folds.     

Sometimes You Just Don't Know

Just discovered this randomly, like finding a needle in a haystack, or that rare record in the record store! Reminds me of the days I would spend all day in a record store and excited to find that golden nugget! I like it! Bluesy, and melodic... Try "Sometimes You Just Don't Know" And they only have 100 likes, tell them I discovered them first! :D The Fruitful Earth (Facebook Page) Sometimes you just don't know what you find on the internet: - Blogger Derek K Miller pens his final entry before dying of cancer

Midnight Youth & The Checks quit! A sad week for NZ Guitar Bands

Midnight Youth (Shelf-life: 5 years) The Checks (Shelf-life: 10 years) It's a sad week for NZ Music, when two of the greatest guitar based, rock titans decide to throw the towel. Why can't bands stick it out anymore like the golden 70s-80s bands from our past? Is the music industry really that shook up? I've been speaking to a lot of people lately about the music industry. One girl mentioned when she was just 14 years old all she wanted to do was sing. She was approached by a major label, and was put off by the industry who preached to her what she could eat, wear, and what songs she could sing. This was too much for a young mind! I spoke to another person who works for an indie label. They said the music industry has been taken over by finance-heads who see music as a quick-cash scheme. They look after their overheads first as after all it is a "business", and the artists always get the short end of the deal. This source said majors would not g