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Songwriting Gods please give me that ONE song

My friend was offered a deal with EMI and the first deal was really bad, so they turned them down, and after 1.5 years because his band kept doing what they did and was well organized and had good music, EMI offered them a 2nd deal and it was better and they took it. That's how it works sometimes. I've had 3 record deals offered now, all of them are bad deals. Got to remember a lot of labels are losing money these days because of music piracy. Most musicians need that ONE song and a music video for that song, and that one song can launch a touring career which is where the money is these days. Depends on the artist but sometimes that one song comes later in life. Those good looking young artists that appeal to a younger crowd are lucky because they have a team of 4-5 songwriters working for them. Got to remember though that most stars only have a 3-5 year shelf life, even one label told me that. But the best artists are the ones that keep writing good music, an

Financial Warfare is Fun

" You can't eat bullets Seeds will be a currency toilet paper will be a currency gold is overrated, buy silver eagles If you don't physically own it, you don't own it. ETF's are a bet, not real ownership. Do you really own your home? Got mortgage? Do you really own your car? Got Lease? Isn't financial warfare fun !!! " Quote by

Post Gig - 29 Oct 2012 - Enterprise Chalk Farm Open Mic

Playing LIVE really is the best way to promote original music! I was first hesitant to go out tonight, because the weather was really wet and terrible. I thought because of this, no-one would want to go out and they'd rather stay at home where it's warm. London proved me wrong. Tonight was probably one of the best and most enjoyable gigs I've done to date, with a great atmosphere. The Enterprise venue in Chalk Farm near Camden, is an intimate one with a romantic setting, the stage well lit and a red curtain as a backdrop. The room was small, and when you fit 30-40 people who are passionate about hearing live music all in one small room, you get a really nice vibe. There were fellow musicians, their friends, the odd random, and tourists who are new to London. I enjoyed the music very much, every musician got to sing 3 songs, and the lineup tonight was some of the best I'd heard in ages at an open mic, musicians from Sweden, France, London, Australia and more. Most nota

Amazing Grace / TFTV

Sometimes it takes 100 silly songs to write 1 great song...i went to a musuem recently and they had a talk about the author behind "amazing grace" ... that songwriter wrote 1000s of unknown songs and took one song that he wrote late in his life to make him the legend he is,. he also has interesting history. My passion is to discover unknown songs & share them with the world, so if you know any local bands with music videos, snd me them, for example I just created TFTV which focuses on those unsung heroes, watch at

Good Evening, or...

Hello internet, I should probably say, hello to my friends on the internet not the internet itself, the ramblings begin when my brain begins shutting down for sleep mode. To further reduce embarrassment I conclude with adeu adeu but not farewell, farewell is so definite, and I am definite I do not define such statements to a confirmed definite. Au revoir is french and I'll stop at thus for I bastardize the French language. So I stick to the norm, see you later mate, though not literally seeing you as such only as a form of speech, unless you reside in London, for seeing you later, mate, is a definite possibility, though a finite possibility but still that possibility. ~Ralph <3

Josh Leys is a star

My buddy's song is getting some MAJOR TV & Radio Airplay back in New Zealand and his career his really taking off! So proud to have been part of this project as a co-writer and my 4% royalties! All this for just trying to help a friend out! I remember meeting Josh for the first time. He was out busking in Queen Street, and I was in my car driving by. I was at the traffic lights waiting for it to go green, and I see this young fresh faced man singing with so much passion, and his voice resonated with star quality. I made the instinctive decision to drop my plans, and park on the side of the corner to talk to him. He had a sign saying "Please donate money so I could buy a microphone to record demos". I told him I had a basic recording set-up at home, and would love to help him out. The rest as you say, is history.

Friend of Friend Referral

Gotta love "Friend of a Friend" referrals. Word spreads quickly in London aye. So TFT is hot demand as requests via email flood in and here I am again trying to manage it all. I don't want to overexpose or exhaust the band, that can & has happened. How do I turn this down politely, there's always next time right? I just dislike letting people down, and I'd hate to do it solo - feels too naked, feel stronger with mah' boys & backed with a band!

I'm sick of corporations

So I'm thinking of studying to be a Music Teacher in a year or so, but am afraid of student debts especially in this economy, I LOVE being debt free. But I feel like I might have no choice because I am SICK of working for corporations that treat and pay people like garbage. I'm DONE with ANY office/desk jobs! DONE! I did the coolest thing yesterday, company was being an idiot so I was asking what the notice period was "if I were to resign" and manager's reply was "you can resign now if you want"... that caught me off guard, the place has the worst turnover I've ever seen so I thought "well if I'm THAT irreplaceable", Okay, so I did, got on the phone, and got offered to start my old retail job in 30mins, so I wrote them my extremely polite letter saying resign as of that day. Got told I wouldn't be paid for the hour I worked, oh well... rushed to the tube, and started my shift at the retail store. I know WAY too much about women

Oxjam Festival - 13 October 2012: Post Gig

Well that was fun, great to see so many bands, here's my pick of the evening: The "festival" vibe was not as big as I anticipated, just felt like a normal gig. Sure there were people UPSTAIRS drinking at the bar, but the downstairs part where the live music played was kind of hidden in my opinion, you had to go around felt like it was the way to the bathroom then surprisingly stairs that lead to a secret room. The venue is famous for once hosting the likes of U2, Ramones and Sex Pistols just to name a few - they all started out here. My band couldn't make the gig, it was all organized very last minute, in fact I only got a text to do the gig the day before. But it was all for a good cause, raising money for Oxfam. I made sure I put my One pound and 20p in the bucket. I get asked to start my set 30mins early which I politely accept, turns out the band due to play was running late because the lead guitarist broke down in his car, and the bass player announces th

Major Labels are just Obsolete.

Major Labels are not wanting to help people who want to change the world through their music, it's just about wanting to help themselves and people fortunate enough to have deep pockets. And am I right in thinking, why on earth would I want to go into business with an old-model that is essentially going "bust"? There are essentially limitless new-models being offered by entrepreneurs and startups who actually give a shht about music.

Vice Documentaries

"Re-engineering? I'm a human being not a piece of machinery"

Turning down a Major Label Distribution Deal

I've just turned down a distribution deal to 7000 online retail stores by Major Label: Sony / Universal. Why? Well what's the point of distribution without marketing, and marketing needs big money. I also have to "pay" the major label and give them 70% of the cut, umm... that fee is ONE extra day in studio. I'm in no hurry with my music career, I've entered it late in my life, now 28 years old. It seems most industry suits are in it for short term gains rather than long term investment. I think smart artists should look at leveraging their impact on their audiences into tickets, merchandise, licensing and marketing. I'm definately not one to "buy" my way to fame. In this industry you are always promised the world, hopefully this has given me thick skin. On a plus note, I'm also being offered a 50/50 licensing deal that gets my music into film, TV, adverts etc. That's another note I have to think of. More thinking time now. Thinking

Gumby Audition at Play Studio

I just auditioned in a studio to play ONE song, without really knowing who it was for, turns out it was for Warner Music, and the engineer said he likes my song and will put it in the shortlist to give. First thing I do is knock over the mic oops, next thing I do is on the way out get my guitar strap stuck on the door, so had to press for help like 3 times and the door wouldn't open, luckily someone walked past. Now chilling at Starbucks with a laptop. Guppie much?

The State of the Music Industry

Interesting music industry behind the scenes info from himself, and this video is 2008. Man music industry is fkkkn hard these days, thankful for my 55 REAL fans that funded my album...  Yeap thank you Crowd Funding. But what's this on NZHerald: New Financial Bill to create intermediaries? Well trust them to want a slice of the pie. As usual. Below: Marketing or Talent? Well the record industry is about selling records, whatever the product. It's not a music industry as such, not about the music much at all. It's about a product. A record is a marketing tool for live.