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Unique Sentient Being

Protests and Riots - Interesting Views

Ricky Shade I'm beginning to see worldwide protests as a useful tool for the powerful rather than being any good for the people. It's a sad state when people are so dependent on the control grid around them that they are unable to function when it collapses. Prote sts and riots around the world are what elite control freaks want. When you're out on a street screaming at people who don't care about you, you're not working diligently toward building a better future for you, your family, and your community. We should quit demanding that the grid be maintained and instead walk back home and begin building new communities while completely disregarding the crumbling control grid. That's what will truly surprise and scare the shit out of the sociopathic world-circus ringleaders. Danielle Maciel In brazil, we don't fight. We dance. We free ourselves from the wordly things, and rejoice in being born. Rich, poor, foreigners as one. Happ

World Run by Drunks

The setting is a London art gallery, with high class paintings, a white 4x4 room and waiters stood still serving unlimited appetizers, Prosecco, and Bitters Champagne. This describes my new part time job, which pays minimum wage, if not, living wage. Something not be expected considering the clients are millionaires/billionaires. Though I cannot go into detail of who the clients are, due to the nature of binding contracts, some ink on a bit of paper that can legally silence a human being, I can say is their "expertise" is non other than Banking and Finance. This is a group of 40 individuals, a mix of young and old businessmen, mostly European, a handful of Olive skins, a few Indians, and one token dark skinned individual, with what looked like high class hookers by the way they flirted and dressed (though I could be wrong). They gather from a handful of firms. Though not banks you would hear made for the common people. These individuals are from banks you may not of heard o

Punch you in face

Some venues expectations are ridiculous. Regarding a free gig, I'm like "sorry I have to cancel a gig because I need to work and earn money", their reply "Poor show / disappointing / not good enough"... punching you in the face is not good enough! How bout paying the musicians who help give the bar revenue, THEN I might be prioritizing you Mr. World revolves round my arrogant head. I hate the expectations that artists are free. Screw you. I'm sick of catering for mainstream thinking dicks, rather cater to the niche, you know like 55 people who helped raise 3000EUR for TFT. Don't give a fkkk about what mainstream thinks. Rant. Vent. Oi guy at the busstop stop singing like a drunk fkkk I'm trying to think and vent. I think I'm angry, lonesome tonight, and old, a tad bitter. (Pre 30s syndrome).

Gen Wesley

Video Proof. Iran was not a threat, but was invaded for Oil (in case you've been living in a hole). Gen. W. Clark (Retired US General) caught telling two different things. And proof that major news channels run "talking points" to create false flag agendas.  Invade countries for private gain = War is USA's main income. Invade, pillage, and earn even more by setting up contractors to rebuild/clean. So yeah, I advise you wake up to mainstream Pro-po-gan-da.

Ride the lows, get those highs!

You really DO have to ride the lows to get those highs! The last 2 weeks have been really emotional for me, STRESSING how I am gonna pay for food+rent, but a light in the end of a tunnel comes in double whammy form, just received another good bit of news, I have a new agent representing me for acting jobs! Hopefully more part-time extras work like this! I hope it gets better from here. Chin up when things are low... Photos taken by my new agent...

Advice from my bass player

This can be true Ralpheo I have several friends who where signed to majors to silence their release, majors grab up several similar promising artists to control the competition then release the 1 they think will stand the best chance and silence the others. It can be ugly. best thing in my experience which is not inconsiderable is to focus on the music, and get a manager with connections who you trust. to continue to push your music at the right times to the right peoples and actually make you some headway. the signing offers should come in simultaneous like a bidding war. and that's when you are in a position to decide what you want them to do for you. any other time you are in someones pocket... which isn't necessarily a bad place to be just depends on who's pocket how deep it is, and where they're going wearing those jeans.

Name and shame Music and Film

So TFT was offered a "Sony/Universal distribution" deal, the people offering this was, I sensed them to be aggressive & pushy and now I know why. My friend's database of 1500+ facebook likes, one she built up with passion was "overtaken" by these arses who were promising big things, then deleted her as admin! Lots of nasty sharks in music industry, if it sounds too good to be true, or they care more about money than music, stay clear stay clear stay clear! Music is MUCH more! Name and shame Music and Film, president behind it is Stephen Wrench - watch out! Boooo!


Who's done modelling before? For a laugh, and because work has dried up, I decided to email them this photo... I have surprisingly had two agencies "interested in my look". Is it worth paying 10-20pounds for test shoots for my "portfolio" - if I had photos already I wouldn't need to pay test shoots, plus I get to keep the photos. I've never done modelling before. They want me to come in for an interview to see how "confident" I am. I am confident at singing but displaying this mug of mine is another level... dear me. Though researching a lot of the companies it seems there are a lot of scams out there.


The last 2 weeks have been really tough. I have had uncontrollable shakes of crying fits fearful of when/how and if I can pay to eat next week. Work has dried up and it's scary in a big city as London. I've felt immobilized at home not sure where my future is heading and if music is viable. But I sing, with this delicate heart of mine, today I just closed my eyes and wrote a song in almost freestyle fashion and in the 3rd take, completed the song in 8mins or so. I've uploaded to see what you think. I might edit it later, I might not. But I apologize for the croak in the vocals.   oops UPDATE: decided to make this song slightly faster, and rewriting it. Early days. Chords: 3XX433 1XX010 X32000 X31010 131211 (F) Bb

First Musicians, who next?

WOW. The UK job market bites. Too bad I'm being molded by society into something I was clearly not made for. I would of been happy busking for a living, which would of been do-able 2 years ago. History states busking was the most common means of employment for entertainers before the advent of recording and personal electronics. - But with new laws unapproved by the public, waiting cues effectively a form of Nazi selection, paying for unjust license costs, and London privatization of land, it's a shame this restricts musicians to be free land walkers - a virtue long gone. Guarded by CCTV and their hired security goons, grass root musicians are dying and being replaced by those who are either approved or manufactured for social engineering. First they came for musicians, who will they come for next? - Ralph.

Employers reviewed by Employees

The current economy means more employers are mistreating employees for profit. Just look to Japan and look up the word 'KarĊshi' as a severe case example. With the demise of proper external unions, it is encouraging to find websites like this giving power back to the people: (Let's create more sites like this people: Employers reviewed by Employees).

Greece Bust and Broken

Wake up. Sometimes words aren't enough. Footage tells it all. Watch ALL four episodes, it will shock! - What are your thoughts about economic debt? Your understanding of the cause? Your solutions? #Greece #Occupy #Revolution "All of the small fish will eat the big one" #part3 contains Radiohead song swoon. (Friendly Fire)

Citi Bank Propaganda - History of Money Exhibition

London commuters get a taste of propaganda by the dozens of flyers shown throughout London Underground. An exhibition about the history of money, sponsored by City Bank. It's interesting to decipher the hidden messages. Their plan to get the public to accept money transactions using mobile phones - convenience you say? At what value do those artificially created digits really hold? Are they backed by anything? One flyer tells the story about an emperor in China, who was the first to print paper and force people to accept that as currency, and the catch phrase was because people needed to do it for faith. Bankers aren't idiots, they know people are aware of the problem, so now they are trying to mold people's mindsets, mold the solution to acceptance. Just my insight. After all Citi Bank knows best. These are the guys that are known to go into restaurants, pay for the finest wine only to pour them down the side of a balcony - heard this story from a manager o

Pay to Play

Companies such as ad recently listed on where they pay and pick the best "reviews" for their music to boost buzz, show the current trend in the music industry today. Where you must pay to be played, heard, and seen. Radio stations have been doing it for years, with "Payola", where disk jockeys get paid to be told what to play on air. The majors have the monopoly, which explains why everything you hear on the mainstream is the same. TV stations require material to be sent via "beta tapes" usually involving a payment to get the file converted to tape form.  Want to play at the best venues in town? Only a handful of agents hold the monopoly, it usually requires paying them a fee to be on their books, or owing them money if you are not shifting those bums on seats. Okay, so why not go the grassroots way and busk - oh these days that will require you pay a fee for a buski

Music Agent in the works

I am in talks with a music agent who has taken interest in TFT, which means after doing a handful of selfbooked gigs for the remainder of 2012, starting from 2013, TFT could be under the guidance of a professional agent who has been named "Best Indie Promoter" and "Agent of the Year" and ready to book TFT support gigs and building to festival slots - let's hope the band is ready for the ride :) ps. Open Mic was great tonight, met more musicians, had a jam on stage with some UK MCs which they filmed - hopefully will be on youtube at some point.

Music Royalties - YAY!

Mind of a Musician

Hate Breaking Hearts

You know, every now and then, an obsessive fan - bordering on stalkerish, sending messages kind of makes you feel, well, at least appreciated. Little do they know, I'm just a normal person & struggling musician. But they paint this  picture of you otherwise. This fan has proposed her love for me several times. #HateBreakingHearts

To sign with a major label... hmm...

Sigh. Being in London makes me realize I am just a needle in a haystack as so much talent out here, think I might need to start trusting the professionals and stop procrastinating and just see what happens. To sign contracts or not to sign... well, not really anywhere now so what have I got to lose? It just feels hard as I feel like I'm doing it alone this time (in terms of paying for startup costs!) :p

Self sustaining

David Shanhun The thing with this is we all have the power to change it- irrelevant of what 'greedy bankers' do. If everybody simply saved even only 5% of their income, we would elude finacial crisis globally and be in good times. Unfortunately its usually easier to simply point the finger... Ralph Engle Our power is only realized when all the small fish swim in unison and challenge the one big fish. Chris George Dent Yeah man. I agree with Ralph. It's damn hard to save tat little 5% each week. I don't know many people who have.... Wouldn't it be easier to try become self sustaining? Imagine if everyone took one of their days working a week to create a garden. Then less people would use supermarkets. If we got solar power so you wouldn't have to pay for power. If everyone stopped paying for water, which is on this earth for free. Rather then paying crazy prices for something that no one should own.

Waking up one stubborn sheeple at a time

Waking up one stubborn sheeple at a time. This is a personal Vendetta to reclaim my father's innocence. He died and was defamed of his land and money, scandal involving the vice president of my country, high profile law suits regarding rigging of libor rates, my great grandad also involved in high ranks of the military to a point he got police escorts for his funeral etc. Enough credentials for you?      That's why Alex Jones calls it "Info Wars"... it's a war on your mind. But as you look at the real world around you, you will see little chinks of the truth, regardless of the source you watch/read. The main conspiracy right now, which is true, is the 2008 Wall Street crash was caused by greedy bankers who used the financial weapons that is "derivatives" to fix interest rates for their own benefits, making them super rich. And when banks are rich and use fiat money (money made out of thin air because it is digital), then they care no

Post Gig: 06 November - The Melrose Open Mic

Tonight I did an open mic at Shepards Bush, The Melrose. All the kiwis are in Shepards Bush! I realize first thing as the host opens the night with kiwi band "The Feelers". As I collect emails (20 tonight) I chat to a girl from Papakura, and another guy from New Zealand who chats to meet about kiwi musician, Jason Norris! Felt at home. Too bad the size of the room doubles as soon as my set finishes. Never the less 20 emails at an open mic is not a bad effort. Meanwhile, Melanie C (Spice Girls) plays at O2 Shepards Bush empire just a couple of buildings down the road. Made it an early night tonight, the "level of musicianship" was not as high as the night before, but then again this was an open mic. The crowd was very supportive though. Bless.

Post Gig: 05 November 2012 - Bar Solo Camden

I love gigging in London! Tonight I did a show run by promoter; Kikoo Village. Great night, highlight of the night for me was hearing french singer; Jon Norris. Also from France, was singer Haylen Namvarazad who did a cover by New Zealand band; Fat Freddy's Drop - how cool is that?!

The Me Me Me Society

I feel like making a statement. Too often, society these days is based around "me me me", but I think it is so much more beneficial for more people if its not about "me me me" but about community. I see too often musicians getting so heated up and being competitive, thanks also to the programming and conditioning we get from "competitive" shows like Idol who teach society to do whatever you can to eat your way to the top. Music is, was, and should be the sharing of stories, other people's stories, and nurturing that. Hope this makes sense.

New Music Business