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Crackdown on Occupy

Any dissidence is now labelled by the corporate/banking elite as "terrorist threat". This a threat to THEIR lifestyle and is not a terror to the public at all. The label is used to de-power a popular movement who is against corporate greed and the destruction of our finite natural resources for the benefit of the 1%. The funny thing is the more they try to dismantle the movement, the more it grows. The Guardian reports:

The Richest Songs in the World

It's been way too long since touching my guitar as been working my ass off - almost a month without my gat! Hoping one day this guitar will pay the bills. Success is all in the songwriting and registering royalties. Yeap I've seen an increasing trend per year on my royalties the more I write. Gotta start somewhere. Need that breakthrough song though - I figure just keep writing and co-writing.  

I Hate Facebook

"I Hate Facebook" According to Jimmy. LOL, so true. -

Tax the Rich: An Animated Story

Is there no alternative? More films:

I know someone who...

Seasons greetings hope everyone had a great Christmas! I've been working so hard past month that I treasure the fact I am still in bed curled up, hadn't had a good sleep in a month! Anyways, expanding the mind is always a great exercise here's a few things I've learned from talking to people lately! It's not the end of the world. Be weary of scares like "Global Warming" and the now debunked hoax that the world was to end on 21st Dec. Because I know someone who has friends that have bought houses and made money from the Y2k hoax - remember that one in 2000? They made money from consulting and did basically, nothing. I often wonder why things that are illegal, illegal? With our current corpacracy system that benefits only the wealthy, the word "legal" really only benefits the rich. I am not a user myself but I came across someone who told me why marijuana was illegal. He said alcohol, a legal drug, caused more harm than marijuana. He then went to e

Brilliant Idea!

I LOVE Music Business ideas that come to me from Dream Characters, my baby with co-founder John Steenbergen came from a dream and this idea extends to it , perfect for bedroom producers, oh keeping the idea hush-hush but it's so essential and been so in demand in the forum, its silly that we haven't done it! But the brilliance doesn't stop there! :D This is as exciting as creating a very good song for! Ok now I should go back to dreamland! :D BTW IT'S HOLIDAY TIME! Worked Very Hard for last month, long hours, a high sense of achievement!

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Invest in Art

The life of a barman

Unlimited alcohol at bar staff's post-work party accompanied by Camel Rides, Dancers teaching Poi-Poi, watching others Chair Bungee (falling backwards freefall on your chair, Poker, two of the girl staff making out, Bumper Cars earlier - who says work can't be fun?).  2 days off means some time to chill and give the liver a rest. Btw I am not in the most immaculate state posting this, an embarrassment hear ye. Hoorah. Oooh I hear the soothing sound of rain, oh yes, massage my temples with your therapeutic soundtrack.  Setting tables

Working and Living in Liverpool

I am expecting to sign my first record contract, after literally years of swooning from this label, and their offers getting a tad better each time, I am expecting to probably finally say yes in Feb, but the time to do so is not now. I gotta sort out these album preorders first. Sorry for the wait people who pre-ordered CDs, I am working and living in Liverpool for 2 more weeks, then I should expect to finalize them Sellaband preorders as soon as I return to London!

Chris Lake's story: Kiwi Musician

  I am sharing this story from a Kiwi Musician called Chris Lake. I thought it was very moving. Kiwis should appreciate New Zealand man! Honestly, some parts of London are exciting, a lot of it is corrupt, lots of corpocracy, evil and fukkkd up. Chris Lake Hey all! I've been on a roller coaster ride I'll never forget...ok here goes..I have been in Italy for 3 1/2 weeks picking olives and engaging in manual labour where necessary, the weather deteriorated to the point of having to shut down olive picking for the year. This meant my accommodation would not continue...I was out of ideas until suddenly I thought, If in in the europe vacinity, I should hit up London and play some shows I communicated with the people necessary so I could doss down with friends of friends, which looked amicable. So I flew to London from Rome, and as I was filling in my border card, under the question in regard to address you will be residing at while on your stay, I

Rap music

Rap music. Promoting inner-city crime and glamorizing gangs. An Illuminati intent to reduce population & dumb down society? Mark: Wow Ralph... you've really outdone yourself this time. Dougal: Dude if socioeconomics teaches us anything it's that the dumbed down portion of the population is more likely to reproduce. That said a good amount of rap music is based in bragging of feats and the most popular feats are often crime or sexual escapades. Ralph: Rap music is still an art-form (expression of self), but what concerns me is which acts are being pumped money. What agendas are those big money bodies promoting? It's no different to lobbying in politics. The big rappers promote ideas that damage society. such as degrading women, idolizing greed, testosterone to turn ourselves from each other, and more.

Your currency can be time, not money

Sigh, I'm being offered yet another record deal, which btw does not really do much for me, nothing I can't do myself, and paying fees to "get ahead in music" is ridiculous. I prefer to just work hard at a job, and do music as an extra but LOVE every moment of it, and not sell out. Keep operations small. My thoughts randomly, is that, any brand, group or organization that hides behind a company name without disclosing the owners name cannot be trusted. Anyways, I know TFT music is not a necessity but more an extra, but if you have some loose change, keep our small operations running. Donate $1 a month just $1, and get access to heaps of members stuff: - If you don't have money your currency could be your time, so just spread the word organically: - Seasons greetings. Patrick: Maybe you can get an independent label to distribute your music with no long term contract

TPPA No Way!

I like the tactic of filming cop faces, though they are not the enemy. We cannot turn on each other, instead the enemy is follow the money. Notice most of officers are young, like naive pawns. It's interesting that they have all those officers, public servants, and use all that public resource and human power over a wee protest and closing off a road for a burning banner. Yeah, let's make it look bigger than it is aye. I am not a rich man AT ALL but I am donating $10 to you right now Vinny, which is a lot for me during these struggling times - but my friend - Merry Christmas. I encourage others to do the same NOW! Donate to Vinny: My suggestions to Vinny which I emailed: Hi Vinny    Even though Paypal takes 50%, it is still good to have $1 or $2 a month donations as an option, gotta remember your clientele are pretty much poor themselves, guerrilla news is like normal newspapers, sometimes the buying aspect is more an "ex

Bar Experience

Man been working long hours with little sleep in between, and plenty of staff-drinking (a new experience for light weight like myself) but happy that I'm getting Bar Experience as well as Bar Manager experience! Happy to know my boss really likes my work behind the bar, and how "calm/direct" I am behind the bar especially regarding drunken punters & managing temp staff whom we team leaders call "minions". Finally have a bit of time today to continue sorting out dates/schedules/budgets to head back to record new songs in February! Excite! Here's a picture of me in Liverpool. Home to football, fake eye lashes and orange tans (weird), and of course, The Beatles! Look found the Yellow Submarine! :) 

Money, Power & the American Dream

All the little fishes eat the big fish

If we open our eyes to evil, we can acknowledge, expose, then reject evil. - Ralph