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Musicians economically and systematically stripped of power

As a busker, I totally relate to ALL these videos appearing on youtube about police/cctv/guards harassing musicians on the streets. I believe it is because musicians are politically outspoken and we are being economically and systematically stripped of our power to motivate people against any fascist and tyrannical regimes. All I can say is keep the cameras running, it is not deemed law if the powers at be don't follow law themselves. ~Ralph <3 Snapshot of what democracy looks like everywhere today.

Thank you TFT fans

When I do a Facebook search of "This Flight Tonight", feel so delighted to see at LEAST 16 people from around the world changing their "worked at" status and linking it to "This Flight Tonight" page. Totally cool.

Busking some Radiohead

I just went busking, haven't been in a long time because I get fed up of CCTV / security type people always moving me along..., chose a new spot that had no CCTV, sung two songs by Radiohead "Paranoid Android" followed by "My Iron Lung" then my speaker ran out of battery :-( Would of been a waste of time if it wasn't for this Radiohead fan and I "made her day" and got her email! Also noticed a new like on Facebook from a man I noticed standing there with his phone, looking at the sign. Also made 5 pounds there and then. Not bad for two songs, too bad couldn't go longer. I'm thinking I really need business cards at some point.

Friendly Fire - First Sketches of upcoming music video

Bringing up old shadows when I just want to follow new light

My label wants to promote Friendly Fire the single, to 30,000+ radio stations but is asking for me to put in a marketing budget. But since Friendly Fire was written with old writers in NZ I sent them an email seeing if they wanted to be involved - even if I think the answer is most likely no, or they will, as predicted simply ignore the email. Yea I'm always going with gut feeling, just get negative vibes with the old NZ guys - we've settled that I can continue with the old songs but really its best we leave them out with future involvement / especially with any financial decisions as they have left the project. I know that means the first EP will be sitting there not reaching its full market/potential but the opportunity is their loss as well as mine. So we'll ask them this' once, but I am uncomfortable asking them again in future. I feel a lot of bands don't do anything with their first EP but when we promote the new stuff it can open up the back catalo

Musicians - a pipe dream or an instant worth a lifetime?

I would say this is fairly accurate... “Singers and Musicians are some of the most driven, courageous people on the face of the earth. They deal with more day-to-day rejection in one year than most people do in a lifetime. Every day, they face the financial challenge of living a freelance lifestyle, the disrespect of people who think they should get real jobs, and their own fear that they’ll nev er work again. Every day, they have to ignore the possibility that the vision they have dedicated their lives to is a pipe dream. With every note, they stretch themselves, emotionally and physically, risking criticism and judgment. With every passing year, many of them watch as the other people their age achieve the predictable milestones of normal life – the car, the family, the house, the nest egg. Why? Because musicians and singers are willing to give their entire lives to a moment – to that melody, that lyric, that chord, or that interpretation that will stir the audience’s

Working handing out leaflets in mailboxes

Ooh a wee hiccup at work today - working for a promo company handing out leaflets for gyms - mailboxes, car front-screens, walking into shops and talking to owners etc - doesn't pay much but it's better than zero anyways - miscommunication about a booking today - but glad it's ok now - after a heated phone conversation, a little sincere politeness via email soon after sure does go a long way, after all we are all human and can all be stressed and make mistakes. Glad I still have the job - I need them pounds! ;)

Snowing in London!

Can someone autotune this?

Bankers from Goldman Sachs to pay billions of pounds just in bonuses and still practice tax avoidance - does that make you 1) Angry? 2) Sad? 3) Jealous? 4) Insert Expletives here. This extremist is a bit wired lol, but I feel his anger, his factoids are unfortunately TRUE.  #BritishEmpireSux (someone should compose an autotuned song of this video) TRAP - The Real Art of Protest Extreme problems [capitalism] require extreme responses [global, proletarian urban and agrarian revolution] Is Facebook censoring me using keyword/ tags? Doesn't seem to be wanting me to tag TRAP page, maybe Alex Jones was right about FB shutting down on activist pages? They probably would be trying seeing as though FB has been used for revolutions such as the one in Egypt.

Learning to Trust again

Self analysis: I am stubborn and obsessive when it comes to my band project but need to learn to let go a little, I'm surrounded by people who know what they're doing, and despite being bitten in the past, the team I have now are my friends, are very trustworthy and are professionals! Note to self.

Ice Cool Guitar

Look at this "Cool" (Literal) Guitar at London Ice Festival

Head injury

It's 5am. Just come home from hospital, was doing a nightshift, banged my head on a metal bar which caused bleeding at the time, applied pressure, doctor said no cuts, just a bruise, like grazing your knee. Apparently I'll be dazed and confused for next 48hrs and not myself, probably not more confused than I normally am. Band practice in a few hours, I tell doctor "But I have to play in a band tomorrow morning can I do that?" Doctor: "I don't recommend it" Me: "But I have to it's my passion" Doctor: "Ok but no headbanging".... (his actual words). While in hospital woman comes rushing in, obviously on drugs, her friend outside passed out (also on drugs), I try and help them but a little confused myself, nurses take their time to aid him. Well, what a night.

Massive Attack

Massive Attack quote from their website "in support of the occupy london movement. we don't see it as left versus right or anarchy versus order. but people taking action and applying pressure on a problem that politicians are unable to fix as they are also the shareholders."

Bowling Band Meeting

Just came home from bowling with my band! I came last unfortunately with 91 average. I was listening to two strangers sitting 5 rows apart on the bus talking out loud so that the whole bus can hear about their lives... Guy: "Yea I just came home from a band meeting" Girl "Like that's so cool!" I wanted to join in and be like "Hey I'm in a band too, we should all like toats hangout!" But then I didn't. Well I did say a quick hi to the the girl as she announced to the bus she was from New Zealand too. Oh Kia Ora! #RideHome.

Busking IN A CAVE!

Guy busking in a cave! Now THAT's legit!

Metronome Productions (never launched)

Here's an old photo of me and my muso buddy, Josh Leys, a collab-project that never officially launched coz the director guy took off with $400 and never finished our video, which was really cool at the time. Getting scammed in music industry is a daily bitch. However Josh and I still close pals and you should definitely check out his tunes. I was fortunate enough to play synths on this song!

London underground - stealing your hard earned money

I was talking to a Londonder who said before 2003 the tickets always hovered around 8 pounds a week. But since 2003, under new Managing Director Tim O'Toole, the Underground began operating as a Public-Private Partnership, this privatization has shown a steep increase to what it is now, 30 pounds a week today in 2013. This makes me furious but really as a foreigner I have no say. It has nothing to do with "recession", this word is a veil for greedy private owners who hold monopoly. Though inconvenient I praise the workers regular union strikes.

Starlight Label vs USA label

I just joined a NZ label, and this US label (Whom I won't name as its not my place and why give them the promo) sent me a vindictive message to not work with my label. I think some people forget a thing called "Screenshot". I wouldn't really call this "healthy competition" - aye? I think the US label doesn't realize how LONG I have known Starlight as a friend. I'm not really sure what's going on here, apparently its been going on for months. My initial thoughts are remove anything "negative" on social network. If it's not positive to say, why share it, it will only attract more negative. I do agree that what this US label are doing is horrible, but I think it will look better to ignore anything negative as much as possible, take it as a sign we are doing well now that there are haters lol, and also not promote their name by posting such things. I think we gotta concentrate on what Starlight is doing anyway

TFT progress frozen til refund

TFT is frozen until; Sellaband believers have their CDs (at the very least) sent to them, and Tshirts other incentives at some further point. This is my priority in January! Til then I have frozen any movement and progression with TFT including TFT has been offered a record deal. Details of this record deal is that I am still self managed but they provide all the services to get the music out there, for a fee. So this is not my priority at the moment, they are a good company though. Still chasing this refund which is a lot of money. I have already lost some amount as a write off because the tshirt design he sent will not be the final design used. Other than the remaining budget is towards the studio we have booked in Feb as part of the incentives to record "3 new songs for believers". As you can see, as soon as I get my refund I can action preorders and in return create new crowd funding campaign. I think this is a sign that TFT has grown