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Life is pretty scary right now

Life is pretty scary at the moment, I am literally down to my last few pounds, living in a hostel desperately missing the comfort in having a permanent place to live. Worrying day to day about when my next job will be (working parttime contracts) and whether I can afford the tube or not. Got a last minute job interview (permanent) tomorrow which needs to work out otherwise I dunno what to do. Need interview clothes tomorrow but all my stuff is stored elsewhere, other financial nightmares to sort out too (retrieving bag in Egypt, paying UK customs to release TFT cds - ouch), why is depleting money such a downer, ow my brain. C'mon universe get your shttt together. A scorpio must remain optimistic in any situation, but I'm allowed to be shttt scared right now right?

Obama is an actor

HOLY SHTT, you know how video never lies? 10mins-10:30sec you see video proof that Obama is nothing but a hired frontman / salesman / scripted goon / actor, reading off a script. If your elected leader can't "think on the spot" and make an announcement to his people, he's nothing more than a confident fake.

Power and Influence

I am sad for your ignorance as you have not studied or discovered the deception, the countless uncensored footage and commentaries the internet can unlock, only if you choose to, which you clearly don't - but that will not change my quest regardless of what you try and say. I believe it takes a personal grievance for a person to truly wake up to politics and hidden events. Only look to history to get a glimpse of the harsh and cruel beings that linger among us. Is it really a conspiracy to believe that people who have power and influence use that to gain more power and influence?

Forced Labor Camps in China

Did you know Agenda 21 has claimed China as the future model for EUR/US & their allies? Well I'd rather not wait that long for that kind of future where political resistance and choosing to not reform leads to torture and forced labor camps.

China's Family Planning Officials Run over Baby

Oh My Goodness

It's probably not a good thing finding these, sweet, irresistible, treats at 10:40pm in the evening,. oh my I have so much energy, I think I could go for a run, or pack as I should be doing, oohh I'll run around the room, packing! weeeee hheeeeee hheeeeee What's my name?

TFT Merch Coming Soon to Believers

Trying to decide on producer

The team I am working with is amazing! Who to go with, American Grammy Award winning producer nominated for MIA Paper Planes but also worked on , oOne Republic, Madonna, Springsteen - actually too many to mention, or UK producer of Bjork/Florence/FooFighters, or producer who did This Flight Tonight's first release (Sting / INXS / Paulo Nutini), do you recognize these bands? ;)

Excite Studio Update

You know the new TFT recordings are gonna sound pretty sick when we have gear from Nirvana - Nevermind album being used as well as Abbey Road type equipment. Our engineer was pretty fun and cool to work with too! Oh man excite. Gotta focus on working again for now though, recoup some much needed funds.

2013 is the year

You know you're in the right city for music when... you are in a York-St like recording studio that would normally cost twice as much if in NZ. When you receive an email from a booking agent offering 20+ gigs for March alone, including opportunities like; NME Awards Tour, Brixton Jamm, and more. If only this music thing paid a salary I'd be doing it fulltime. 2013 is the year to try and prove this music thing.

Insiders look on VISA

It's a great thing starting conversations with people. Here's one with a girl I work with, and her mid 20s male friend who works for VISA. 9 out of 10 people who work for VISA are male. They are generally with the odd exception, all very mean, testosterone, nasty rude people. They like to drink and show off they have money. This is probably because even a low level position, such as mentioned friend who works in "Analyst" department analyzing consumer spending, earns 3000 pounds a month. I have seen this myself, as when I was working as a waiter, I had to serve finance people, and all they do is drink champagne and eat amazing food, unlimited amounts. This reminds me of the documentary "Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream." At the start of the film they show a study about two players playing Monopoly, there is a rich player and a poor player, the rules are rigged, and the rich player gobble up more and have more sense of entitlement.

MIlitary Drills in USA

I'd hate to be in America right now, Military Drills in Urban Cities, and Boy Scouts being trained for combat? This footage is disturbing. I used to go to Scouts, but Scouts sure are teaching different things these days, is the American Scouts mirroring the Hitler Youth Movement?