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Blocked from Facebook

Hello, as you know I openly use Facebook to meet strangers who love Radiohead (because I am OBSESSED by them) and where possible develop a friendship through music and Radiohead (it seems these sort of people who listen to RH have the kindest souls etc), and also to plug my own band. I have met some wonderful people this way, but alas, Facebook is now blocking me from adding friends I "don't know in real life" or even send messages to them. So this is why I'm sorry if you haven't heard from me, coz as you know I do my best to reach out personally to those who message me! This censorship could be a data-mining government thing to collect info on social circles and I must be screwing up their desired matrix - hehe who knows hehe. If the government does spy on certain individuals or Facebook notices me personally I find it slightly titillating. :p

Sorting and signing CD pre-orders

Happy Easter Friday! This is what my living room looks like tonight, sorting out all 55 Sellaband pre-orders (limited first editions) - getting there but still more to be done. Still need to sign/number them, and I want to add some extra personal stuff to show my extended gratitude for those who pre-ordered! I literally have only a handful of CDs as spares, thinking I bring them to this Sunday gig.

Bad followed by Good

  Today has been really interesting. Starting off with a negative, I didn't get through my "probation period" for a charity company. So was told to leave on the spot because my conversion was low. But I think that call center has a massive turnover, and deep down I know I did my best, with my very FIRST and FINAL call both being a gift! Oh well their loss! I think this company has a cheeky thing going on where they got two days out of me under "training" which was unpaid. Then two weeks into the job - see you later! Gotta love how call centers treat hard working people as disposable. What a business model. So from this - I went to what comforts me best - singing - so straight to streets I busk for a few hours. Met some cool characters, one French girl who used my mic to sing Lady Gaga and she was good! Followed by a guy who used my guitar to strum one string at a time, asking me to make up a song on the spot - which I did - his friends filmed it - I hope

Goal: Raise funds for promotion

My goal is to raise some funds to promote my debut album. Guess there is no short-way round it but to work work work. Whining how I don't have money is not gonna fix the issue, nor will anyone give me that golden spoon. #PositiveScorpio

Investing in my Music

Yet again, I'm on the edge of investing money that I don't have on the pipe dream that is Rock & Roll. I hope I am doing the right thing. I've heard my first album so many times but I must try and remind myself that it is always new to someone else. I am so very excited about our follow up record though. Feeling blessed.

Sweet shift at Royal Albert Hall

What a SWEET shift at the Royal Albert Hall! Got to be a waiter at a corporate box for 12 guests, serving drinks and food, and you know the usual casual work stuff like; hearing Damon (from Blur) soundchecking and hearing all the bands play live, Noel Gallager was there too and I got to hear them play this song:

Let it Be

Bonus for working as a 'high-class' waiter last night, got to see Let it Be (Beatles tribute band) playing to corporate guests at a suave venue. ps. *Spot the chemtrail :p And: Just found out my weekend shift will have two VIP iconic UK singers - I hope I see them perform ;) Both VIPs I really LOVE and grew up with!

Life is fantastic

Life is fantastic! Music career is growing, work is coming through, started a new job for charities so I'm making a huge difference in the world while paying the bills, waiter jobs coming through too, and I have one event where I'll be serving celebrities whom I cannot name due to my contract, and at a very prestigious venue. Who will I see? Sorry for those I need to catchup with but my whole week is booked now!

Earthquake in Auckland

News of Earthquake in Auckland. Natural or HAARP?  Either case: NZ is just close to the tectonic plates, and the earth is an ever moving living thing, shifting plates and continents in micro measurements and land shifting on a continuous recycling pattern. There's little need or concern to believe sensationalized apocalyptic conclusions.

Publishing Offer

I just finished a Skype meeting from a UK publishing company wanting to sync TFT music. I love the fact that I can say "Thank you, I'd like to express interest in this opportunity, please contact my label for finer details regarding your offer"! :)

Today I...

Today at my job interview for a charity, a 48yr old lady says she used to work for charity in her 20s but is not as good now. When asked 'why do you think age makes you a worse off candidate'... she replies 'well I'm a lot more cinacle now because I know that a lot of charity money is lost to corruption'... well that impressed the employers didn't it... I can believe that I think, when shown what this company made in profits since opening in 2008. 1st year = 1million pounds 2nd year = 10million pounds and on August 2012 = they hit 100 million pounds raised... And still they are asking for money to "fix" what they need to fix in poor countries?! You decide... is this a human venture or a business? Also... Today, in my mad rush out of the house, I reach into my suitcase to get an umbrella that will protect me from the rain, ah yes, this umbrella will do with its... bright pink writing and flower patterns... wait - this ain't m

Moving flat

Just received new mixes from the band, I am so excited about this next TFT release! Oh full day today, pack/clean my bandmates room while he's on tour he's kindly lent us his room and in return we feed his cute kitty cat, then job interview today for a charity for disadvantaged children (wish me luck), then move to new flat - bizzy bizzy

Where have all the good employers gone?!

Currently looking for jobs in London, what's up with all these crap contracts? Unpaid training periods, contract can be terminated by employer at anytime, commission only and no base salary, 1.5hr shifts per day, on call, I mean, which of the two lesser evils does one pick? Where have all the good employers gone?! This is my analysis, employers have decided that having a pool of desperate people scrambling for shifts is better than employing someone full time. That way you don't need to pay them holiday leave, because everyone is broke due to irregular work you can pay less per hour.... This is just evil. Puts you off work doesn't it? I mean what happened to those days when you are 18 and go straight into a job after school and stay there for years? Now everyone seems to change jobs every 1 or 2 years because work conditions are so terrible. Or everyone has a parttime job and starts to struggle below the poverty line. Come on employers stop being so blimmin' greedy! I

The Art of Asking

I am so grateful for my band in London, they are just not just stunning musicians, but also very supportive friends at these dire times of need, whether it be offering a postal address to send my stuff to, looking after luggage, and offering a couch to sleep. It's this kind of welcoming & generousity from people that I hold so dear to me. That human desire to help. I venture onwards with one dragging foot after another, in such a transient part in my life, reiterrating a daily doubt with this deepening unknown. Then an angel's message, I stumble across indie icon Amanda Palmer, a video of how she survived busking as a statue, how her peers looked down on her because she couldn't hold a job, and eventually she indepently took in a predictable income to support her music career. This art of asking - I agree is so powerful. Just ask.