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ATTN Radiohead Facebook friends

ATTN  Radiohead  friends. For over a year, I had a Facebook account dedicated to the Radiohead community, musical friends, and political allies - and through mutual interests got to meet and get to know complete strangers. Many of you now ask why I have blocked you, well my account was closed down without my permission, and I could not log back in without tagging who's who. This tagging people to clarify your account disturbs me. Who has heard of "Trapwire Surveillance" being linked to CCTV? I'm trying to find alternative hangouts to meet/greet new people, Youtube is one place, can anyone else recommend other community-based sites where complete strangers can unite using common interests? Please add me on ralphengle  - Facebook is slowly losing me personally, and it's probably losing its appeal to many others much like the bygone era of previous social sites. What is the NEXT evolved Facebook?

London is disgusting

The evils are tenfold here in London UK. Privatization, low wages below living wage with managers barking orders with military precision, monopoly in transport, redtapes, surveillance CCTV big brother, police state with private security and cops all wearing similar uniforms. Billionaire balls drinking campaign (I've seen it all as a high class waiter) - they are pigs and discuss adultery and bid on luxury items the price of cars, to show off each others wealth. It's all pretty disgusting over here.


There are many evils in this world causing an ever increasing imbalance. Like derivatives trading, fiat currency and the Federal Reserve. But this toxic culture is hitting too close to home. Selling off New Zealand's assets to foreign tax avoiding private entities who can then manipulate prices due to their monopoly is a definite no go mate. Bang those war drums, make your voice count. Do not underestimate the collective power of the people, saying 'ENOUGH! NO! NO! NO!" - Ralph ♥  

The Truth about your Birth Certificate

Traffic Wardens are numbers not humans!

Dodgey Aviary in Oxford Circus

I've had 2 interviews and done 3 shifts (12 hours) leafletting for Aviary Bar in Oxford Circus who is trying to change the premises to a restaurant, and today I get an email to cancel all remaining shifts. They a bit dodgey anyway by not offering a written contract,  even my other agencies all had paperwork. Just a case of a gentlemans club trying to go legit but failing in my opinion. Heard from the waiter there - sebastian - that its actually still operating as a gents club. i didnt know that. i told him "yeah im telling pple on the street that it has a new owner" but theres still a stigma that its a gents club... I also told Sebastian that flyering for the gym took 3months before they even opened. And that Aviary should wait 3months to get a new image out there. But Sebastian was saying the owner wanted changes soon in a few weeks otherwise they wont have money to keep going. he said they need to keep it a gents club secretly to stay open til 4am. th

Is Facebook a Trap?

Small gigs lead to Big gigs

I've created some great leads through doing lots of stuff FREE, open mics, small gigs etc. Small gigs really do turn to big gigs, as long as you're humble about it. Thankfully our big gig last night has led to another return invite! But I think I'd want to wait for our bass player to return from tour! Now off to do another gig tonight, this music career thing is addictive, you really just need to do, get out there, walk the talk. I love my band, I am so lucky to be doing this, I'll keep trying for as long as I can.

Insanely Good Musical Day

Started off by filming our Unborn music video. Unborn is about a homeless lady. Ironically during filming a homeless lady approached me asking for money. All I had was 5p so I gave this to her, only for her to throw it on the ground and walk off. It was all I had. After filming, I went straight to our gig - oh what a gig! Look at this crowd! Then after our gig, on the way, I saw foxes running around the grass near my house. This was exciting indeed! Ralph

Friendly Fire to get remastered

Our single from first album is being remastered by grammy-engineer who has worked with Sublime, Aerosmith, Boyz II Men, The Who, Duke Ellington and Souljah Boy, just to name a few. This is fkkkn massive. If only I can find the original lossless wav file, stupid external harddrive not being detected properly, and my CD master is back in New Zealand somewhere in a heap of boxes. I should properly fkkn look after my masters better, but then again I never expected to get this far....

Facebook is gaaaay

Gaaaaay. My Facebook Radiohead account dedicated to Radiohead friends, and my "People I meet at gigs who ask me for Facebook & I don't know them that well" account has both been closed without my permission. Now what am I supposed to do regarding music networking? Now I've lost all my precious contacts. Facebook is no longer useful for multi-tier networking. Goodbye Facebook, hello Twitter.


Looots of shifts coming through from my four agencies, definitely was a good idea to increase from 2 to 4 agencies. Now my phone rings all the time. I'm off to an interview for a 5th agency. This is giving me less time to play on my guitar, but at least the money will help with funding this whole music dream. I don't see any other option but to have a career in music, but I also gotta be humble and WORK my ass off.

I've never been a beer person, til Europe

Jumping at this opportunity! One of my UK agents called me, showed his client our music video which has shortlisted me for an audition for a beer ad - my fave type of beer too. Might need some eyeliner (rock-look) for the part. It's been a while since I've done an advert. This one would pay off an album or two... Fingers crossed universe!  Now as a lightweight, I NEVER used to like beer. But - its called Europe. Beer is like water here. For years I've been shown bitter ales that does not acquire to my liking. But the wizardry of Liverpool gave me a canvas and showed me the entire pallet, from which it opened new doors to new types of beers previously unknown to me. And I guess beers are like... (thinking poetically)... like, pairs of shoes, different fits for different folks. On a summary I think my reply to if I have a fave type of beer, my reply to this inquiry is.... "WHY YES!"