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Writing with a Cold

I'm working on my new song today, but this cold ain't doing me any favours. Through sickness or health I have to remind myself of songwriting idols like Dianne Warren who was an extremely prolific songwriter, even my first album of 7 songs, I wrote and rewrote 80+ songs for that release. Just gotta keep trying.

UK London Report: Army Youth seen recruiting in Hammersmith Station

Youth dressed in army uniforms (normally around 8-10 young people) aged around 16-18 years old seen regularly hanging around outside the McDonalds on weekends (Friday/Saturday) in Hammersmith Station talking to other young people and by the looks of it, trying to glamorize the uniform. Keep them young and uninformed to fight wars by the wealthy. If they can point a gun and say yes to orders, they are good enough for the army. I also recently saw a Chinook flying around Hammersmith. Watch this video:  

Man Flu

I've lost almost all my voice today due to Man Flu. But I am comforted to be told yesterday the scientific reason why men have worse flus than women. Men have been the hunters, so if he sneezed, the animal would run away, therefore men prefer to hibernate and incapable of anything when burdened with the terrible fate of a "Flu". I feel slightly enlightened or either that, it reinforces why I didn't do very well in Science. #SillyFacts :p

The Ageist Music Industry / Aly Cook

Great interview by NZ singer Aly Cook talking about the 'ageist music industry'. Shes in her 40s and released her debut! Good on her! A major label told her they don't sign anyone over 25 regardless of how strong their songs are. I can really relate to this, because when I was 23 I was told by a label I was 'too old'. So now that I finally got signed at 29, I'm not throwing this opportunity away and will work my balls off! Someone told me something interesting last night. Musicians careers are great because they can have that great song at any age, not like sports-stars for example who have to worry about the fact that there will always be a younger-faster-stronger new comer to ruin their career.

Our new Unborn Music Video due out: 16th June 2013

The best thing I like about this video was that it was a "freebie" though I will be giving the director some "pint money" on my next payday for his efforts as he said it took a few days to edit. I reckon as this is for youtube release only, we should leave it as it is as I understand it is a bit of an ask to blur logos frame by frame especially for a no-budget video, but next time we should be more conscious of any "obvious signs" "labels" and "logos" in frame. Especially mid-close ups and I've told the director this. Ah we'll get better at things as we go.  I did have another director pitch a different storyboard, one that involved some animation along with footage of real life, but the budget he was asking was around 1000pounds and since Unborn is not a title track, we did this video just for fun. The main thing we need to respect regardless if it is a freebie is the amount of time it takes t

Sub Human State

Sometimes I feel like my label is my therapist. Sorry bout that :p Music is hard man. But I can't stop trying because it's a matter of survival for me. I'm not good/trained at anything else nor could I picture myself doing anything else. But I guess I share this dream like the countless of hopefuls on American Idol? Is it all a pipe dream worth pursuing or should I just throw the towel and lose my soul over a 'real job' and go with Plan B or Plan C? Should I give up my dreams to please & conform to a factory sub-human state?

Professor Griff (Public Enemy) 15 Deadliest Corporations

@51min of video: 15 Deadliest Corporations - oops I only managed to get 12 of them while listening though! 01. Chevron (Energy) 02. De Beers (Jeweller) 03. Tyson (Food) 04. Smith & Wesson (Guns) 05. Philip Morris (Cigarettes) 06. Halliburton (Energy) 07. Coca Cola (Beverage) 08. Pfizer (Pharmaceutical) 09. Exxon Mobil (Energy) 10. Nestle (Food) 11. BP (Oil) 12. DynCorp (Military)

Grr at Music Industry Sharks

FRKK I'm sick of dealing with music industry sharks, legal pitfalls and contracts wanting musicians to "pay to play". I was talking about this at an openmic with a young upcoming musician. And its the same story most places everywhere. Fkkkn money making sharks. Just be in it for the music already! There's only a handful of goodguys, and I'd rather keep things small and cut these middlemen bastards out of business.

Riding the wave

We have more MASSIVE gigs coming! The gigs keep getting better! So glad I've been blogging the process, promoters seem to be responding when you have live footage/photos + music videos + festival appearance! Hoping to take advantage & ride this hype wave for as LONG as possible! A prolific London promoter has accepted my application after turning it down the first time. I have been able to repackage the band now with our festival slot and live pics of Barfly gig - never take the first NO as an answer! Repackage, repitch to succeed!

London Music Scene is where it's at

London music for me is where its at. I got to a good level in NZ (got signed, paid residencies, good contacts to producers / industry / Universal Music etc) but for me coming to London was logical to progress to the next level. We've played and are going to play massive shows here (The Barfly / Festivals) but I also love the small gigs here as you meet amazing musicians and networking is beneficial, all in all, I am enjoying it here, its a good challenge! I also just found out The Temper Traps guitarist their hit 'Sweet Disposition' has played on one of my new singles, and one of our singles is being remastered by Universal, I'm just enjoying the small and big wins but am creating one teaspoon bite at a time with this elephant dream I have for music. As soon as you collaborate with like minded people on the same level, it progresses even further for all. I think the universe provides jigsaw puzzles, and if you find a way to connect those people (jigsaw pu