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Serpentine Summer Party 2013

I got to see so many celebs UP CLOSE at the Serpentine Summer Party, I saw: Mick Jagger, Ewan McGregor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon (SNL), Matthew Morrison (Glee), Princess Beatrice and more... paparazzi was there. Got to hear live performances from Jake Bugg and another band I don't know name of. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and some other supermodels were there too but I didn't see them. Check out this photo, it was a pretty cool setup.

Gig Log - Open Mic 24 June 2013 The East of Camden

Fantastic Open Mic last night at the very busy East of Camden. London talent truly amazes me, including 21 yr old Jack Garrett who has been signed by Universal (Development Deal) - that man sure knows how to cover "Ray Charles - I Got a Woman" in a very unique technical way! WOW! Had never seen anything like it! Sadly, he has nothing released - YET!

Bankers are Generous

I just finished a private event in the house of a wealthy Barclays Banker. Everything from the "Massive Oven in the Kitchen that doesn't turn off" to "Photo Booth in the living room" and "Champagne reception" to kids smoking big cigars and drinking Prosecco, all for his daughters 21st bday with many of the guests looking like they were underage... well... only in London eh. Well at least I got a 10 pound cash tip. Those bankers sure are generous. Anyways..... Now let's play a game, how many of these people can you name?

Busking Diary - 16 June 2013

While I was busking yesterday some musician told me he met Ed Sheeran at an openmic four years ago and his secret to success was 3-4 open mics a week religiously, so I'll keep trying this then! Wish I could stay in London longer, just means I have to work that much harder at music while I'm here! Wish me luck!

Photos, my day job as a waiter

My day job as a waiter, get to see some cool events! And love the flexibility that comes with it!  

Busking Log 04th June 2013

Today while busking I got 1) offered a gig by a man who runs an openmic 2) offered a "record deal" by an extremely drunk Dubstep/Grime producer who seemed disappointed I was already signed 3) I got free apple juice by the hairdresser shop close by. If only my amp battery didn't run out I'd still be out having a great time. Loving that sun London!