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Become a Topless Butler... or Elton John.

If I had the abs I would be a topless butler for £25 per hour + travel covered. Sure why not, but since I haven't been blessed with a body from 300, should I apply and offer them a discounted hourly rate? Lolz. Or maybe I should strive to write a Lion King anthem and be like Elton John and command half a million per performance. Tell you what I will give £25 for someone to write me that hit song. Away you go. By the way, fund our 2nd album ok?

Being cuffed, not fun

Still waiting to hear from the council about my amp. Growing nervous and angst by the day. Put it this way, being cuffed, not a fun feeling. Was fun and games before that. Then it's like someone downtrailing your pants and showing your dingalong to your aunty while having fireworks flying out of your nipples. Not fun. (Reference: reason to post this video)

Never Too Old to Rock

Music Trainer

Going insane! Worst week ever!

Flatmate comes to the rescue as I lock myself in the house with no form of communication to the outside world! Luckily I had a chance to call for help as the postman was knocking on the door to deliver a parcel. This has been the worst week ever and I'm on fine threads to insanity! A few days ago I was in trouble by the authorities for busking with an amplifier and refusing to leave. Am actually depressed.

Micro-bites of Entertainment

While the majority of society is entertained by X-Factor and other reality shows that concentrate on the cosmetic and fame aspect of music. real musicians like this go unnoticed. Wow! Guitar Skills!

Greed Mentality in a Godless World

At Fund Manager Awards 2013 dinner last night, overheard an insurance broker boasting to his colleague like a pig, with gusto and pride, about how he's got money coming out of his ears, from the tax loopholes and how his bonus cap is unregulated. And the banker friend said "Tax Evasion is deemed criminal but Tax Avoidance on the other hand..." ‎they Merrily ate their plate of Sloth as they bid in Silent Auctions of Disney and Sports photographs averaging £2000 as a minimum bid. Where is God to condemn such men, when the Bible says "You shall not charge interest to your countrymen: interest on money, food, or anything that may be loaned at interest."   #GreedMentality ‎#DodgingLegalities #GodlessWorld Meanwhile the majority of the working force London, is forced to choose between working for minimum wage, or for FREE. Or become a stripper. Hahahaha. Ralph

Auckland Considers Banning Beggars

This is hideous. Beggars banned, and buskers to obtain 'free license'. Unfortunately the free license usually turns to regulated fees as seen in other countries when councils pass bylaws and get their foot in the door. A slow escalation to control. Surely begging is not ideal, but can't the system offer better solutions rather than take complete rights off disadvantaged people? Instead of banning poverty, how about we ban greedy corrupt exercises by the Finance industry, things like Fiat Currency & Derivative Trading. Tackle society's problems by the root cause not the side effects.  This reminds me of the Martin Niemöller "first they came for" poem. So emailing the Herald right now. Auckland considers beggar ban bylaw By  Nicholas Jones 5:30 AM Wednesday Jul 3, 2013 They're intimidating shoppers, say businesses ... council plan is fascism, say street pe