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Dunbar's number - 150 friends

Who has heard of 'Dunbans number' who claim you can only have a stable relationship with up to 150 people, and who believes it to be true? With social media these days, and the amount of different schools I went to due to moving lots, I'm pretty overwhelmed about how many people I know + meeting more people/contacts everyday due to music. So yeah I kind of relate, I only have a handful of besties, but those besties mean the world to me.

Follow the music

It's funny that when you work at your dreams nonstop + say YES persistently to your dreams the universe provides, I have some exciting bits coming up this week including Balcony TV London performance tomorrow! My brain and heart will never switch off to music.

Say hello to Dan - TFT bass player!

Please say a warm HELLO to Dan! Though he's been writing & rehearsing with us for almost a year now (in between touring), it was his first This Flight Tonight public performance at Homelanz ! He was the loud one making funnies with the micro phone hehe. Statistics - Instrument: Phatt Bass Nationality: Canadian (Aye) Profession: Professional Touring Roadie for The Temper Trap & gazillion other bands. Suggests we change name to: Loud Andy & The Skeleton Crew. LOL Factor: 5/5 Lolz. Hip factor: Totally Way Cool. / Photography: Ange Harper Photography