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An Exchange of Musical Advice - Bass Player to Me

Ralph TFT Vocals Thanks man, I'm trying to get advice from family as well. I'm freaking out about my 30th in a few days. I've come to that dire age where I need to start thinking seriously about growing up, settling down, earning an income first and foremost, and finding a career that pays. I don't want to give up on music but the path is proving to be a costly and unfruitful venture. At this time I need to start thinking about buying a house, having babies, and all that jazz. I am a little lost for direction but I have been getting lots of feedback to become a teacher. This means I may need to go back to uni. But it's not something I am completely sure about, it's something others are suggesting. Daniel TFT Bass UK I think you should stick to your guns, meaning go home and see what Starlight Records and you can do with the new album tracks. Just stay focused no one who didn't give up ever failed. I gave up before I mo

Too Old for the Club

Went to Kiwis in London party tonight. My thoughts? Well all I think about is, I never knew there was a naked version of Thicke Blurred Lines. And you know you're old when you don't know half the songs playing in the bloody club. I need me some classy Frank Sanatra or even Michael fkkkn Buble thank you very much.

Best haircut

I had the most interesting barber today. We talked music, politics, history, conspiracies, spirituality, documentaries, basically covered it all eh. Such a cool bloke. Best haircut ever. Also had the nicest chat to an old grandma on the bus. Goes to show what happens when you have a guitar on you as a conversation starter. The barber told me to watch this:

Living in London

Living in London, and feeling my ant-like insignificance has aroused epiphany that small friendly community are to be treasured more, than a race of rats scrambling for intangible scattered crumbs of Madison-Avenue dreams. ~ Ralph feeling poetic.

Unpopular Truth

Today I enter the world of gadgets & blinking studio lights with a band of musicians I am lucky to be working along. This is where I feel most at home. Throughout my journey I often receive discouraging hateful remarks that try and derail me away from music - which to most eyes is nothing but a dying music industry. But music came before an industry. And money for me, does not entail success, reward or achievement. I am in debt, I have sacrificed, but I am alive. The truth is, unpopular and uncomfortable, but that doesn't give reason to make it unspeakable. Whenever I am distraught by never having enough to go by, I try and remind myself, that this world encourages greedy vampires that suck on life, and this is why the real-estate of opportunity have at most already been taken. For this I think my view of Earth is Hell. But Music is the echos of Angels that once walked this Hell. And no matter how discouraged I get, I hope to never stop singing.

Square Mile Salute - Guildhall - 18 October 2013

Yet another fundraiser event in London. I am picking up a theme here with fundraisers, taxfree and profitable in my eyes. A Royal British Legion General speaks about past empires and their power being naval ships, now it is with financial ways using Qwerty keyboards and algorithms. Another army officer I overhear says "I'd rather rewrite history from the inside than have someone from the outside write about me". Lots of expensive stuff in the auction again, the highest was 17,000pounds for a painting with historic army significance. War is profitable huh, even if its through commissioned arts. Having worked in charity myself, I notice the auctioneers techniques to lure bids. You have to hammer people first with sob stories and build them back up again with your solutions. That whole destroy with cause and provide the solution trick.

Chickenshed Charity 17 Oct 2013

I was waitering at an event in Guildford last night, Chickenshed Charity, who raised around 400,000pounds for the cause of changing young lives through theater. I think the cause was good, around 140 kids of varied ages and races sung and danced for mostly banker type individuals, but it is etched in my mind the almost "hidden ritual and messages" behind one scene that had a monologue which said: "to prepare a nation for war, you must first instill in every day life, hatred, anger, fear, racism, and divide". Also one of the auction lots was for an 18year old to spend a day with 3 finance directors including the head of Goldman Sachs to learn "the tricks of the trade", and a government spying agency "so secret they don't have a website". What's that about I wonder? This sold for 5000pounds.

A Song About A Love Song

I have landed an agreement with a new American songwriter who has agreed that my band can work on our own arrangement of his stunning song, was wondering any feedback on this upbeat number? Should we develop this one? If so a contract to him will be sent out with help from my label.

Unlisted songwriting log - Mathematics of Love rewrite

Apparently my chorus sounds like another song, so trying a rewrite but not sure if it is working, and not long now til we hit the studio. #pressure *unlisted youtube video - exclusive to TFT members.

An Evening with Bill & Hillary Clinton... and Rothchilds

12 October 2013 - An Evening with Bill & Hillary Clinton... (and Rothchilds with banker friends).   I've seen & been an inch away from Bill & Hillary Clinton. Some Rothchilds. Also Michelle Dockery, other celebs, and a cheeky front row view of James Blunt singing. Their talks annoyed me though, goodbye middle class. The decor & 17th century artwork at this venue was straight out of Downtown Abbey on steroids. Apparently Winston Churchill had used the same venue many times. Well my waiter agency sure never fails to keep things interesting. The Clinton Foundation held a dinner at luxurious Guildhall in London. It was the same venue Winston Churchill addressed many key speeches, and the decor was straight out of Downtown Abbey but on steroids. The flowers, the art gallery with 17th century paintings with some spawning two floors, the statues, the lighting, it was a masonic ceremony in plain view. Along with some famous comedians and Hollywood people

This Flight Tonight on Coldplay's website

5.20am: still excited about Coldplay . I was just asked how TFT's song got on their site. Everyday I manage to chip away & msg someone about music, anyone, I remember maybe around Nov 2012 or so, I submitted Coldplay the video (before I got signed to Starlight Records / Starlight Distribution ). Today their lovely team emailed me the news. Isn't hypnofeed such a nice idea, and Coldplay are just nice people! You can now do one of two nice things, go to today & on the bottom right of the video hit the button "Love This" to vote. And two, go to & on the right-hand side under "Testimonials" post your fave TFT song using Facebook comments. Love your support. Always Be ____ .

Just another day in the office - VFest Pringles Roadshow 2013

I Miss Her - New Song written today

Today was a good day spending hours with my guitar. Learned a new fingerpicking song (Radiohead - Nude) then tried to write two dud songs that went nowhere, then and only when I got the house to myself wam - Wrote a new full song. Yes! Where did that come from. I also listened out the window to birds chirping in the trees and recorded them singing on my portable recorder, might be good for ambient sound for future music. Thinking it be a good idea to start recording more nature. New song "I Miss Her (Draft)" *unlisted youtube video - exclusive to TFT members. Dummy lyrics + chords EAEGBE x07600 wit added 7 on igh E every now and then E Maj 575655 slide to 12 melody is E 12 - 14 B          12 - 14 Stoke the fire Hairs on my neck As I'm told of a tale I'm Alone to go figure this Cold Desire Tear down the building the season of the seasonal the terror of the terrible and damn I'd be the one To tell you this directly I wish it wasn't

How to Make Friends and Still Appear Normal

 Wach this theatrical dance performance starring choreographer Natalie Maria and dancers Sarah Elsworth & Sofia McIntyre. Be sure to like their page Black Sheep Productions - NZ - Natalie worked on my band music video This Flight Tonight 'Barb Wire'.