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Loving the TintUp Widget

Surfing the web is a lot of fun. Quirky, informative, entertaining links can be found in a heartbeat. But the worldweb offers a lot of noise and little filters. This is why I like to tweet about my latest web findings. But tweeting is so text based it is not very visual to the eye. That's where comes in. The reason I LOVE my Tintup is its so visual and interactive. Using a Pinterest style layout it rearranges my tweets into a visual smorgasbord, and it has Facebook/Twitter share buttons with each post. It's so well presented, it's recommended you get the widget. Best of all, it is FREE, and if your site grows to a point that you can spare some coin, the upgrade features are tempting indeed! Check out how I use Tintup at:

Crappy London Promoter

My band played a gig & made the promoter £ 72. And guess what? We got paid NONE of that. I am so going back to running my own gigs & booking my own bands, at least we split things evenly, and quite successfully too. Indies unite. And watch out for FeedMe promoter in UK, not the best, certainly better deals for bands in London. At least we sold 7 CDs that night.