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Lorde - Overhyped

I can't help it if I'm not a fan of over-hyped Lorde, she probably has a lot of money behind her, but I just don't get that special feeling when I listen to the music. Don't get me wrong, there's PLENTY of NZ music I love. And I thought her Grammy performance was pretty mediocre. Not a fan of heavy use of backing tracks - where is real Live Music? I have seen plenty of live performances, and can think of countless more bodies of work that would probably deserve that Grammy.

Buskers Hang your Guitars and Start Knitting

Why do we need to give our private details to private security guards CityWatch, is this Nazi Germany where we need to show zee papers? Or are NZ Citizens, simply not free? Agenda 21 would hate for people to be self sustainable and would like their slave-clogs to reenter the machine poor broke, in debt and enslaved. Why would I want my private details added to their NSA-like database so they can rob me at a later date? Buskers, hang your guitars, its time to think alternatives. May I suggest... knitting?

Chasing the Intimidating Dream

What are you dreams / goals & ambitions? And what if that dream doesn't come true? Well I think worse case if the intimidating dream doesn't happen you have memories and experiences to treasure forever, however the road to the dream is elements of the dream itself. - RalphE

My Dream Invention - Gimmicky - USB Album Concept - Sing Star

I just woke up from an innovative dream, I was actually raising an eyebrow laughing thinking, where on Earth did this come from. Probably due to a dwindling economy, the brain kicks in instinctively to intuition for survival. It even went so far as to how I should patent the idea then produce a proof. So here goes, it is pretty gimicky. Imagine a new Album release, that is interactive. Take the fun with you with its portability. A "USB Sing Star Album" containing an artists catalogue with software attached, that contains all the songs in full, then all the songs with missing vocals. There for you to sing-along to and it rates your performance, creating a fun game. Oh and the gimmick, the USB stick is also the microphone. Haha. I remember past dreams like this, where I have 'come up with something' and 4 years later it ACTUALLY comes into the market. So there you go, if you're after a million dollar idea, why not use this gimmick, and think of me too whe

The Purple Elephant Idea

Strategy for Major Artists may not work for Small Niche Bands - it's time for a new breed of thinkers to throw the Purple Elephant in the room and stand out with new, risky, odd, unconventional ideas. - RalphE    

I'm feeling positively Employable

Another job interview today & feeling positively employable in my new shirt I got for Xmas. Someone hire me so I can afford to record more songs, go on more holidays (addicted to travel) & buy a house. Universe, is that so much to ask? Let 2014 be more kick-ass than the kick-ass 2013 that has been. Memories <3

The Streets

Recently, the streets have been my stage. I want to thank the 2 people yesterday for buying a This Flight Tonight CD. I've been making it a ritual to always give some of earnings back to the homeless. I notice since coming home to New Zealand, that there are more and more people begging in the streets. I've noticed the mainstream media is now repetitively trying to demonize the less fortunate and to desensitize the public into not caring.  I've noticed the mainstream media with their pretext dialogue of trying to pass bylaws into making begging, and busking, illegal, with fines up to $20,000. I hope to continue busking. What a shame it will be to take away the colorization of streets through songs. I hope these uncaring bylaws do not take place. I hope my home does not turn into somewhere like London. The centralization of wealth and power through Big Money and Private Property. Through gated communities for the playboy billionaires. Through their lobbying and uns