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Divine Paiste - French band!

I received this email: "I’m working with french band Divine Paiste for their PR. I'm following your radio for a few weeks and I really think it could fit with this band." - Damn straight! And great bassline I've heard in a while too! Reminds me of Blur! Discover music: They play cosmic Indie rock, last year they supported Two Door Cinema Club, Gang of Four, Is Tropical, The Cribs, Satellite Stories and played in FR, UK, BE, FI, NO, NL, DE, SE. Our debut album will be released on April 14th with a middle length movie (12 tracks / 12 videos), it’s called "Crystal Waves on a Frozen Lake" (the link is right below) There will be a European release tour in May. A single is already available :  Dust in the Wild Here are some useful links about what we do: The debut album, the movie and our website. Crystal Waves on a Frozen Lake The Movie  -  Website

I'm giving up busking in Queen Street for now

Today, I got harassed by private security guard who threatened to steal my busking equipment and even said this was my "first warning before banning me from Queen Street" - simply because I didn't have an "Auckland Council Busking License". I'm tired of fighting the system, and come to accept that us peasants are enslaved with rules and regulations only for the "owners" to exempt themselves from the rules they command. Early today Queen Street was completely road-blocked due to a Fashion Show protected by these same uniformed private guards. Notice they use intimidation tactics and try and act like Police? How is it that an event like this Fashion Show can take place using loud speakers for long periods, when a NZ citizen cannot use a busking amplifier to try earn a mere dollar or two? I've seen these same security guards also raising the flags in Citi Bank, patrolling the building. Are they criminal thugs hired by the elite? I only realiz