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UFOs in the area. And clearing my inbox.

Since clearing my email inbox "one by one" from 6000 emails to now 1057, I've rediscovered my long forgotten lyrics, song demos, gig contacts, music contacts, blank poster designs, and more. Reorganizing my digital life and so happy to have found some of these golden nuggets! Also yesterday while I w as walking I saw what looked like a slow moving ufo. It didn't look very high up or very big so more likely it was a drone? Seems to be a few sightings in Auckland recently: Well, turns out to be a viral campaign for a new energy company in Auckland!

TFT Global Songwriting Team

Despite the compliments of all the gig offers, TFT NZ have decided to cut back on the gigs we accept so we can do some writing/recording. Meanwhile TFT UK are also working with me on some new songs, we're thinking of going ahead with the EP we have now, then add some bonus tracks when they are ready. Awesome to have with me a global songwriting team! Foreseeing into the future, technology such as this excites me!

TFT Artwork Proofs

Currently getting the UK band to pick their favourite design.

Ambitions to write a book - why not

Many of you are going to laugh at this, considering I am rarely one to finish a book and my grammar at times is as accurate as a politician's campaign promise.             But after waking up nice and early since four in the morning today, my brain has been entertaining the thought of writing a short book. This eureka moment came after a bold book title came to me, and after reading back on enough blogs I've written of my time as a London waiter serving at silver service events for wealthy bankers, Hollywood celebrities, and high profile politicians.             I've decided I probably have enough interesting stories to tell from all the conversations I overheard in true covert fashion. As an additional muse, I've also been reading this book about a writer, whose writing style is based on short letters. No doubt my book is to be penned with political truths, which is about as sexy as a dentist appointment. But I think I have enough real content. Thi

CD Designers - from muck ups to more mock-ups

After being fkd around by one designer for far too long, I decided to take a different route and commission two new CD designers. One of them Frantoima from Venezuela cost a fraction of the first one's price, and rather than waiting months and months for a finished product, I waited two days! Another example of spreading your efforts and not relying on certain people. It's up to your own persistence to find solutions. And treasure those reliable people once you find them. Here's Frantoima's mock-up design - I should have one more design to choose from in a few days.

Wonderfully Musical Saturday

Spent the morning & afternoon filming w/ James Kahu and crew for James' new music video! The crew at James Kahu music video Followed by a gig w/ This Flight Tonight supporting Ekko Park & Stitches! Best night in ages!  Happy NZ Music Month! The new NZ TFT Band from left to right - Dan - Andy - Ralph (me) - Rohil Ekko Park in action! Also, 3 TFT CDs sold - thanks to those who supported! Buy our music: Ps. I've just been told by an elderly man (be it true or not) - that the Ding Dong lounge used to be a venue for boys that liked boys. The name kinda makes sense now then. Well the gig last night had plenty of girls that looked like girls. Or was that the two beers reimagining my visual opticals called eyeballs? I shouldn't have ended this statement with the word balls.

Resettling in NZ

I've been at my new day-job for a few months, and for once in my life, I don't hate the job. The people (and managers) are a good team to work with. It's only a contract which ends mid this year but who knows if they will extend it. It's for an electronics company, and I get to help people by troubleshooting their needs with audio and video gear. I'm actually kind of using my Audio Engineering education for it. On the music front, I have a full band I am totally grateful for, we are writing, rehearsing and playing gigs. What more could a singer-songwriter want? I'm in a good state of mind, I'm appreciating beauty in the little things.

Royal British Legion General wants to rewrite history

I will never forget these words. I was a waiter at this fundraising event in London and heard a Royal British Legion General say "I'd rather rewrite history from the inside than have someone from the outside write about me". Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it. And case in point that the victors rewrite history to their glory.

When I Left my Mailing List on the London Tube

I've been getting a lot of emails recently, and have kept most of my emails for the last four years. When it got to 6000+ plus I thought I'd start deleting them. Then I found I had overlooked a lot of unread messages, including one from a lady who actually picked up my mailing-list book that I accidentally left in the London tube when I was coming home from a gig, all tired. It took me an entire year to message back. At least the list didn't land on the wrong hands, and I have learned from then to bin new emails as soon as I enter them on the computer.