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How's my Book going? Well it's ... not

How's my Book going? Well it's ... not. It's currently 4am, a heightened state of awareness when my brain decides to go from firing random sparks to focused highways of activity directly for the creative district of my lobe of fat that acts as some sort of library of thought and consciousness. At a similar time but in a dissimilar day,  my state of consciousness has a eureka moment and confesses the desire to write a book. Yes, me? Write a book? Oh what a pompous conclusion. So someone came up to me the other day, reminding me "I heard you are writing a book, how's that going?" A book... oh... umm... oh yeah that. Does 1500 words count as a book? Oh dear. I rarely think back to my thoughts of yesterday. What is yesterday? Isn't yesterday another version of me but less experienced, a child version of my adult self? Well, after reading section 3 of " " which states: "

Random Acts of Creativeness

This drawing was given to me by some Random at our Shadz gig. And because they signed it, it could like be worth billions in the year 3020. In other random acts of creativeness, check out these lads, casually playing in the street, guerilla music styles. I love the fact this sort of thing can happen in NZ, not like in London where you have noise-control council patrolling the streets and watching via CCTV to suppress music.