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Late Night Poets

Late Night Poets - hearing this band name I picture a trendy frontman with spectacles and scarf writing songs with a beautiful  old-school starlet. Well I've pictured it right. That front man is  Luke Parker and the starlet is  Tiffany Ross. They are backed by  Robbie Lawton,  Christian Parker and  Jassher Clayton as their band. Their social media pages don't explain much about the band other than they write songs about l oss, hope and longing. That description may make them sound like a cliche melancholy singer songwriter act, but the sound is far from that. Imagine Mumford and Sons but with a touch of country. But Indie Country, if that is such a genre. It's upbeat, it's heart-warming, makes you want to sip a red wine by the fireplace while doing a 1920s Charleston dance move. The featured song "My Darling" was recently added to NZ Hit Disc, and rumors are they are making a new music video. This is a new band to be excited about and I can&

Auditioning new members - writing - can't find a guitarist

Am overwhelmed with drummers right now. Never known so many drummers looking for a band (there's usually a shortage). However in my hunt for new members and co-writers I'm finding there's a shortage of lead guitarists. Where are they hiding? And so far I've found one new excellent bass player. So here's the plan. I'm needing that new lead guitarist for writing/recording before I can really launch to start building EP3 with a new band. Looking at slowing down TFT band for now so I can hibernate with just a pen and paper and retreat on my own writing and recording in my studio for EP3. I register all my co-writes with APRA and have songwriting contracts being signed and all. I believe given the chance, there are plenty of amazing writers out there, so if you'd like to record an EP with me, drop me a line In the meantime EP2 with my UK band is about to drop, so get ready for new songs, very soon! Promise! x

Entertainment is Fickle

3 days ago my drummer leaves the band. Today I get excited as found a new drummer. Went to ring the guitarist, the guitarist "not feeling it either". So now I have no guitarist. And the bass player is "too busy at work". Fail. Entertainment is fickle. But hey guess I'll keep rolling.  I found a new drummer that seems interested in laying down some demos. Solo gig this Friday.