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Life of a Busker / Censorship of Music

Here's a  documentary  on buskers:  - Some councils try to regulate or ban this tradition. I liken lawmakers as flatmates who like to leave notes on the fridge, but is awkward if they run it through with you in person. My thoughts are there are no rulers if no-one follows. I went busking today (after having an impromptu lunch meeting with a bass player I just met - yes I'm still in the "open relationship phase" of meeting new musicians). Anyways when I went busking a man who bought my CD. Stoked! Also feeling extra stoked as some guy remembered my name, a guy who saw TFT live 2 years ago!  With busking, it is always a  privilege  to have intimate encounters. And with each busking day a new story, a new connection is born. I certainly spoke to some interesting people today. 1) A man diagnosed with illness is told he has one year left to live, so now he takes photographs to make him happy. 2) A man who has just been releas