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Busker Moments - 13th Sep 2014 - Auckland Viaduct

I was busking in Queen Street after my gig, and the council politely asked me stop due to a 9pm noise curfew which I thought was fair as there are many apartments in town. So they suggested I busk in the viaduct. I've never done that, as it was raining I went and found a spot under some shelter. This is what happens when I decide to busk outside hiphop clubs full of drunk people: 1) Man: "Faker, you're not even playing anything" Me: "Sir, this thing is looping my guitar" 2) Woman: "Play something romantic" Me: (Sings Script "For the First Time") Woman: "No I'm taking my $4 back, money back guaranteed, play something else" Me: (Sings Black Keys "Lonely Boy") Woman: Okay much better! (Puts $4 back) 3) A bunch of girls decide to dance while I'm playing, and some random enthusiastic man decides to spin and twirl one girl then accidentally hitting another girl in the face as part of his dance. 4) Two

Be a man - Vote

Well it's politics-fever here in NZ. Are you siding left, right, or centre? Or hands up if you think politics is a little like religion which is like men's genitalia? Keep it in your pocket and be proud of it sure, but if one flashes it round everyone's faces then there may be trouble. Well at the very minimum, whomever you vote for NZ, I hope it's NOT National. And If you're considering a non-vote then I believe that's in a way a vote for National (not a vote for no-confidence) - so register to vote, be a man, do the right thing. Oh and hashtag #ACTarefuckingcraycray (have you READ their weird policies - deary me). Ps. If you are sitting on the fence - here's a useful link to help you be an informed voter:

Crazy Hatemail some guy wanting to steal from Buskers Hat

Wow. Just opened my inbox.... For every dozen nice emails, every now and then  there is that "one guy" whose energy behind threat/hate mail astonishes me. If you don't like what I do, just change the channel or block me, the world will continue to spin and we'll both do wonders from ignoring each other. 1) I already give to the homeless when I can. 2) It wouldn't be the first time some crazy stole from my buskers hat 3) I busk because I'm poor too. Crazy world.