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This Flight Tonight Music - ATTN Believers - Crowdfunding EP3 Results

  Dear This Flight Tonight Believers, Happy new years eve.  As the Indiegogo/Sellaband crowd funding campaign draws to a close (under 10 hours to go), I am up in the early hours and have finished typing my 7 page results report & will be making a start in organizing your rewards. Attached is the report as mentioned. I will be in touch with you regarding your rewards, so stay tuned. And happy new years! :) THIS FLIGHT TONIGHT – CROWDFUNDING EP3 RESULTS 31 Dec 2014 – A report by Ralph Engle     Here are This Flight Tonight’s crowdfunding results, 14 people helped raise a total of €1435 in 2 months (from Sellaband and Indiegogo). Thank you and that is amazing!   I’ve decided to write a “results report” for you supporters to give transparency of how we got started with the campaign, how the campaign developed and what happens from here. Please bare in mind this was written from 5am this New Years Eve, so let’s get started.   Index of Report: 1)     The Liquidation of