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To be early?

Me: I'm here for an appointment. I'm early though. I figured it's best be early right? Receptionist: Except when you're dying.  Me: *morbid look and awkward laugh* And in saying that, I've been bitten by a spider (or something), judging by the exceedingly grotesque pus on my arm if I don't make it I send my love to my children; Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Waldorf and Takamine.

My taste of reality that is TV

I've learned a valuable lesson today. Don't let others walk over you, especially if you believe firmly in not doing what they suggested. They will have their agendas and sometimes so should you. It is best not to comply for the sake of complying. That and TV is just TV. None of TV is actually real. Cherishing the real people that you love and making efforts in making new friends have more shelf-life than one's own egotistic glory. People are likely to forget the revolving door of fame and whoever is in that spotlight at the time, but nod if you agree that it is difficult to forget a good friend. ~ (no sleep and admittedly slightly intoxicated).