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The X Factor Spectacle

The Roman Colosseum spectacle that is Reality TV continues & this is my message to some of the talented, unique artists & songwriters I've met who had the balls to enter. We are diamonds in the rough but the human with imperfections is naturally beautiful. The culture of music is to be celebrated together, art is to be nurtured not competed. I loved meeting the people I met, this meant more to me than the glitter of a static screen. I had the honor of hearing the "real" auditions, the best bits that dither in the cutting room whilst the guts are displayed for the TV-masses. Natalia Kills told me my voice was the best she had heard in a long time. Plus my TV performance received a "yes" from all four judges, yet the TV-edit showed a micro-snippet of my self-taught guitar imperfection. This kick in the nuts just made me even more thirsty, I will be David determined to bring down the Goliath ~ RalphE Rant