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No More Global Mode in NZ thanks to Big Business

As an artist I feel strongly about internet neutrality. Sure the rights of content creators are important but in this day in age an artist can get support directly from its backers through mediums like crowdfunding and bandcamp (independent avenues), without the fat cats in the middle taking a good chuck of income streams (recent scandal from Spotify where artists get very little revenue even the major musicians). However my belief is that protection of creative rights is not the main reason for these big companies, not at all, as arts is just another commodity to them, they are more interested in cornering the market and paying out competition that way revenue streams go directly into the hands of a few in this case, that' the capatalist mindset of Big Business. In this case those hands would be, Murdoch at Sky and Oaktree, a US investment firm that owns 77.83% of Mediaworks. This is in my opinion, but another take on SOPA, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was a United State