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Youtube's New Copyright Stance Stinks

So I get a copyright notice on Youtube of a video that contains OUR original song filmed by someone who was paid to film us, because I reuploaded the video they filmed, to my youtube account and added extra footage such as a video message to people helping us crowdfunding: / The guy who was paid to film us had the power to make me lose temporary access to my account unless I completed Youtube' s New "Copyright School" video clip attached. I then had to answer multiquestions about Youtube's brainwashing regarding copyright, which really reminded me about new bills they've tried to pass such as SOPA. Then Youtube tried to ask for my Address and personal details which I stubbornly replied with answers like Full Name: Ralph Thinks Youtube has changed. Address: Why Youtube? This is Private. Lessons learned I'll be using some other mates to film us in future who are not so aniiiiil, an