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Adam just ruined everything for me

Adam just ruined everything for me after watching ALL 26 episodes, from engagement rings, funerals, purebred dogs, Listerine & Vitamins :p Try telling your girlfriend after a century of advertising "Will you marry me, I'm not giving you a ring because the concept of engagement ring is a scam of the part on the De Beers corporation?" :

Bloggery Turns Songwriting

I'm in one of those spiritual writing moods. To prevent spills of philosophy & dribbles of thought, please refrain from interacting with me at this very moment. Instead I dust off the pages of my blog and give you a new entry. Dear Diary... Why Blog? Here's why: I write a blog to myself - and perhaps you - the lingering soul swimming in the oceans of World Wide Web, and mainly to historically cement a micro-thought, sometimes to read back on it to re-engage in my once childlike self. I often look back and think, how much I have grown since yesterday, or last month, or last year. Then I try grow myself further, ideally by just sitting in a room and interacting with another being rather than just my own thoughts. But more frequently due to technology and schedule, interacting with another being in a different country, an old friend from way back when, exchanging thoughts through digital chatrooms, artificial lounge rooms of the internet. In turn, I squint my eye fo