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My opinion on Trump's Speech regarding Security & Hillary

I don't know man. This sounds like another Hitler Regime, creating the right conditions for hatred towards a community/race. Sure tighten up your borders, that could of been done yesterday by banning immigration from certain high threat areas. But don't give into this racial profiling. Most citizens are peaceful, it's those in power that are not. You will get radicals no matter what race. If you know who did these attacks, surely leaders can close in on the gang/circle that supports them. War is profitable though, if Trump is talking about creating jobs don't you understand he'll be creating jobs in recruiting soldiers because he is adding to the conditions of hate? Comparing Trump to Hitler. Hitler? Really? Am I misguided? My instinct is that Trump is hitting people's pain points. "We will make America Rich again", many people have pain in poverty (Thanks to Derivatives, and Fiat Currency), "We will make America Safe again" (Hitler&#