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The world is broken, and art is dimming

The world is broken. Artists/musicians are all hurting (the "real" ones, not the "prescribed entertainment heads").   Music sales are driven in majority by youth who either don't pay for music coz they are broke students, or if they pay for music - they pay DJs or EDM artists coz they look up to them, it's easy for them, the talentless, to one day become a rich DJ too - right? :p For reals, that evil invention called "money" rewards the greedy and the cruel. Think Wall Street bankers and real estate tycoons.   Actually I know two musicians in my scene with the same story, they own lots of property so naturally has lots of money to play with, but their music is garbage - so yay for their egos.   Then you get your local heroes that have no or little money but make really GOOD art because they are speaking from somewhere REAL and vulnerable.    I say make music for yourself, and enjoy the fact that you can write/perform a