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TFTV presents Episode 2 Music Studio Tours w/ Timothy William

Episode 2 of our music studios series online in November, gain early access when you join us at and watch the 1st episode now.  This new show is in collaboration with Franz Josef Collective. Here are some behind the scenes photos. Guest is - amazing jazz/soul pianist and musician from Auckland New Zealand - check out his music!

Solo career in music: Departure Lounge

Calling the Departure Lounge. Every show has a curtain call. After being in bands for almost a decade & experiencing the same re-occurring white flag when the marathon heightens, the lack of appreciation & loyalty with added politics from band members has stripped my attention & inspiration from the real thing I love focusing on, which is writing music. So now it's time to pursue the path of a solo career. Being the driving songwriter of the last 3 TFT records I hope you co ntinue to support/encourage me. I have decided to just call myself Ralphe, sing songs I write and record them on my own terms. My company This Flight Tonight Ltd will remain as is, but will be the name of my recording studio which is there to assist other indie musicians. I pledge to you that with the current calendar I have now, I am not slowing down at all, in fact I am more determined then ever. I am already working consistently on a new record, I am currently filming a handf