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Trump Wins American Election 2016

Trump Wins American Election. What are your thoughts on it? We all think differently. That is the gift of humanity & diversity. But let us not predetermine our destiny by the spectacle, Punch & Judy theater that is the result of this American presidency. It was a race between the lesser of two evils. Hillary for pro establishment and Wall Street, and Trump who is tapping on the primal hatred & uncertainty of the public towards the rigged system, but those extreme views can be likened to the second coming of Hitler. So which poison do you wish to drink? What's the answer? My feeling is politics divides a nation. But in this age of internet communication it is up to us all to find our own gurus and perhaps become one for our community. We must bring love into this world, and that starts now on a local level. Find your niche and gift and use that for the happiness of others. If the one thing I can output to this world which is music