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2 months in my tinnitus case

As posted on 2 months  in my tinnitus, a 6k frequency in my left ear, mine too wakes me up around 3am, (in fact I finish writing this at 4.30am - please mind the early morning writings) I know for sure of time as well, as I've kept a log of the T-strength. If you want to know my story keep reading. But for those wanting immediate Tinnitus recommendations on tools that have helped me to date try these things: 1) Go to a  steam room . And meditate. I'm lucky as I found a public place that has a steam room, and a spa. If you're lucky try and find a steam room where people don't talk, so you get the nice quite place to relax. Don't try and think. Just try and relax. 2)  Ginkgo Biloba . Supplement. Helps bloodflow to the brain. Although I took one a day for the first month, not so much now. Unless my T is bad I suppose. But I'd rather not drown my T in pills