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My silly side and reasons for silly music

Really appreciate fans of This Flight Tonight music, who take their time to write to me. I try & make sure I respond accordingly. But lately, one fan's critique hit me personally. He's been a long term fan (and crowdfunding supporter) since day one. But he critiques with distaste some of my new "silly side project songs" that deviate from the "usual TFT sound". On a human level - I guess I've been experimenting with "silly songs" for the production practice and experimentation, but also they feel fun. Sometimes when I am writing for "This Flight Tonight" I need to go feel a real darkness & find a true sadness in my lyrics and writing. Hence why This Flight Tonight music can sometimes edge on darker themes, so in contrast my recent "fun releases" just get me in a good dancing mood because it makes me feel happy. In life, I am the type of person that if I go to a dark place, it can fe