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Book Idea of mine: Sci Fi

I thought I'd write to you about a book idea I had, I'm not much of a writer - but there's this concept I thought about so I thought I'd see if it's got any substance to inspire a scifi story. Here's a synopsis, bare with me as I write to you fresh from a dream at 5am and surprisingly I write this all in one go within an hour of streamed thought, with no censor so here goes :p Now this story is based on some "truths" but I am spinning it into scifi :P Italics below are side notes. Ralphe  (let's call him Parker, my former stage name from a theater play) , has been having a series of dreams recently. But these dreams have felt very real, as if he was really there in those dreams.  Tantalizing every sensory, sight, sound..... touch.  And alarmingly, with each progressive dream each one feeling more and more REAL. As if it was a call for something, or a precursor and preparation for an event that is about to happen. It all star

Under 7 days: Retiring from Crowdfunding with Dignity

1AM, I write to you in the early morning yet again. With tinnitus echoing in left ear, and a writers heart penning thoughts, I express my utmost gratitude as to where we are. I am flabbergasted to see our crowdfunding push reach the 34% percent mark with now 7 days to go. Even at this point in the campaign, I am deeply humbled to have an outlet, creating art through music, and having a small but deeply responsive support base finding value in the music I make. As hinted earlier, this will be my last campaign run EVER, after 6 years of running indie-music campaigns (some successful and some not). Why is this? Well I have never been the "sales person" type when hyping my own music, because I feel at most ease just being the creative one making things instead. So I feel now is a good time to retire from the crowdfunding scene. And I feel like with now 6 EPs and counting, there is a solid foundation that sets me up for life when making music. With a music studio based i