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9/11 The Insurance Heist - Follow the Money

September 11th 2001. We will never forget. πŸ–‹ I remember skipping school that day because as I was walking out the door, froze in my tracks as I became completely memorised by the  #newzealand  morning TV broadcast as events unfolded live throughout the day. 🀯 I was and still am in shock at such evil, what humans are capable of. πŸ€” 17 years on I'm always intreged as to what really happened, and yesterday watched  @corbettreport  (search on YouTube: "9/11 Follow the money") and the dots started to connect πŸ’‘yes! Makes sense, just  #followthemoney πŸ’° the first 5mins explains how people like  #larrysilverstein  stood to make billions from  #insurance  claims, but this is just the public  #insuranceheist  we know of. Deeper down  #therabbithole  unveils suspicious  #wallstreet  insider trading, bets placed on call and put options days before, and transactions that were designed to be untraceable until now... 10min to 12mins of the video explains in detail, but the whole