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Ralphe's Financial Disclosure from Crowdfunding Campaign

Seasons greetings Indiegogo supporters! It's been 3 months since my final crowdfunding campaign! I am a man of transparency, so where did the funds go? And what plans from here? Firstly, why no more campaigns? After six years of raising funds, this really is my last curtain call for fundraising (but the music will keep on going!) I've stumbled across the term of "e-begging" and it seems many people on the internet are now are using crowdfunding for all sorts of reasons, and I personally don't want to be associated to "e-begging" moving forward because I am in the position to sustain ongoing creativity (by having own music studio and playing regular gigs for example) and don't want to be greedy with unnecessarily "asking for more". Personally I would rather see crowdfunding finances go to other important social ventures, investing in arts, with a preference to other New Zealand local artists (because the arts make us ‘think’ and colou

Why I've Quit Facebook and Instagram

As of now, I have quit the new cigarettes of today, Instagram and Facebook. I haven't been active on Facebook for some time (and have recently completely deleted my 6000+ Facebook page), but now I am on the InstaExit as well (2000+ Insta page). Instagram co-founders have recently resigned and I feel this is a good sign for me to leave the platform too. Instagram was originally my escape from the trolls and dopamine casino of Facebook. But with the increasing influence of parent company Facebook whom I dislike as a company due to their recent privacy scandals, Instagram too in general has lost value, with the ads, lost artistic flavour, shallow comparisons, brewing vanity culture, unrealistic highlight reels all contributing to less personal enjoyment, fulfilment, productivity and value in my own life and personal development. I've decided this scene is not for me and that I would rather reconnect with nature and the real world. I've initially dabbled with using Ins