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Crowdfunding Project Complete /

Dear Supporters,  This will be my final update for this campaign round (and as mentioned I will be retiring from the crowdfunding scene to focus the music thing on a more grassroots organic level). I have always felt shy 'selling myself' so now I feel that I am content with 'enough' from the whole crowdfunding run. I still strive to deliver you original music and content in future.  I sincerely thank you again for your contribution to the new album project "Nothing to Declare" which is now completed as a 5 track EP. And feel sincerely blessed that you decided to join me in this adventure. As part of the campaign promise, we wanted to create a music video to accompany the lead single! And consider this now done :) Excited to announce the release of our brand new video "Know This Feeling". Watch on Youtube: Watch on Vimeo: Watch on Official Site:

Stronger Together for Christchurch

Lost for words at the senseless cruelty of last Friday in Christchurch, I do not wish to post anymore than this in order to prevent feeding any further fire that is the perpetuating echo Chambers of the Internet. But this story is another example that hate has no place in our world. And we cannot let the evils of our planet control or manipulate our own abilities to continue showing sympathy to others and being our best selves towards our own communities.

Less is more

This current state of living with less is making me happier and less anxious. As fight club would say, "We are consumers. We're by-products of a lifestyle obsession." . But for the last 9 months I've tread through a transition and transformation in what was trying to fake a status through consumerism. I've stopped shopping to compensate boredom or my overcoming of sadness (chronic tinnitus through an accident) I've stopped thrifting to save unwanted items (because in my life I too felt unwanted or abondoned). .  More stuff never healed those core underlying reasons. Now I've out rooted the causes that got me into a spiral and am working towards a more purposeful life. . Also another reason why I've used social media less because it got me exercising more, and stopped me comparing myself to what others had. .