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Refinding my muse during relocation period

I am finally moving in to a new place  mid December 2019 where I can resetup a musical space. At the moment I have a 'simple satellite studio' for writing draft demos. Admittedly there has been a dry spell since July for writing as I was getting used to my bearings with temporary accommodation and general moving. But finally this week, and after much downtime from the internet and reading/ and finding my muse again, some inspiration has kicked in, and I am excited to be working on some new songs. One of which is progressing well, and I am getting some session musicians again to add their live elements to my originally laptop driven demos - to further inspire the creations to a new level. 2020 should bring some fruit of new music, so please keep an eye out on the 'news section' of (as I am much removed from social media these days due to sensory overload.  I wanted to live my life to the fullest without comparing myself too much to others an