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Interesting Times call for Interesting New Music

Interesting times we currently live in, I hope you are well and safe. COVD-19 is here, yet creativity continues. In fact the additional 'time at home' has got me rather inspired. Recording-wise there are two brand new "This Flight Tonight" being worked on. Just waiting on drum recordings which were done remotely by an existing collabotor. Also as you may know, we moved home recently, and during this new found time I found some literal 'old tapes' and 'unreleased / lost / forgotten music', which I am now remastering as a new compilation. Some of the songs I am excited to 'rediscover'. I'm talking stacks and stacks of data, 20 years in the making, it's time to Marie Kondo my song catalogue! Anyways just wanted to keep you posted music wise. I am so ever thankful you are here, listening and reading my little corner of the web, and I hope the music continues to inspire and uplift you.

Global Pandemic poses Health Risk but Wallet Risk Too

First day of lockdown in NZ (26 Mar 2020) , and I am now working from home. We wake up to a new normal where not only is our health at risk but it seems our wallets too. As our country enters into isolation, we today have a unique first in history opportunity to make every free minute count. And we are blessed now to have a bit of extra time as more businesses start to work remotely. I feel this is wonderful time to educate ourselves about global events, and educate ourselves financially. And an even better time to keep communications globally at real time, so here is my contribution, a tiny blog. As of this morning, The US Federal Reserve (which is a private company and nothing Federal about it) is bailing out private wealthy investors who made bad bets in stock market, all paid by tax payers. This is a first in history. This will have a flow on effect globally as the US SMP500 and US dollar is a pivotal player in the market. In New Zealand and around the globe, we have pre