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New 5 song EP in the works - post it notes on my face

I've been pretty quiet on social, as struck the iron while its hot and working remotely with a bunch of session musicians from previous #thisflighttonight records to make a brand new 5 song EP. The last 48hours feels like audio school all over again, jumping from one session straight to another barely doing anything else (including eating or showering) but writing and recording. Happy its coming along nicely, what a team! Ps. Post it notes on my face so i don't forget track notes. Some songs a year old and some date as far back as 7 years or so. Finally getting a band treatment. The Session Players: Ralphe  Some Passionate Guy putting this all together, working on Cubase 9.5 PC Guitars: David  from Paradise EP 2016:  https:// thisflighttonight.bandcamp. com/album/paradise-2016   Working on Logic Pro X Drums: Angus  from Nothing to Declare EP 2019: https://thisflighttonight. declare-2019 W

Your Residual Data is Used in Surveillance Capitalism (Documentary Recommendation)

Are our next moves already war-gamed and predicted? The models in gathering  residual data  to define likely actions through  behavioral surplus . What is your algorithm feed look like, compared to mine? Perhaps to open up new bubbles of thought not necessarily in your custom feed, here is my Daily Documentary Dose Recommendation: Shoshana Zuboff  on surveillance capitalism VPRO Documentary (50mins) Gaming community beware... @14mins of video above ( ) "Pokemon Go was not some happy game,but was invented in google earth (CIA invested startup), a google augmented game, but the big 'shadow' game emulates Surveillance Capitalism"... oh dear! 

How to Protest in Isolation, What is a Mesh Network?

The lockdown seems to be extending throughout the world as populations continue to stay home under house arrest. One of the obvious draconian effects from this is that protests cannot organize and regroup. A great plan could be to quietly regroup using Mesh Networks so that people can sideswipe censorship, as already used by Hong Kong Protesters in 2014 ( story here ) , and now in 2020 in small American cities like Clatskanie in Oregon. More on this story from 17mins at Corbett Report video below: It was interesting to re-watch an entire 2 hour interview I did on NZ activist youtube show Vinny Eastwood (see video below) because one of the questions raised was how many people are thinking and consuming the fear porn that is out there, but not actually activating or doing anything about. Be it due to loss of livelyhood, income, or worse. But being compliant now actually puts us in a worse situation tomorrow.  We don't need individual martyrs, but entire armies of

Kiwi Music I'm Currently Isolating To (Yumi Zouma / Villette)

For a full list of song recommendations visit Yumi Zouma is a NZ artist that deserves global attention. 'Cool For A Second' is statement that does not reflect my love for their music, because they were definitely 'cool for several hours'. Not only is their sound polished to fine perfection, with vocals in vain of Moloko meets Echosmith, but the synths too give it a tinge of Stranger Things nostalgia. I could (and have binged) watch their French Cinema music videos for hours. A délicieuse body of work offered!  Villette  delivers a hypnotic groove, admittedly I found this video after curiously stalking Courtney Bassett actress work after seeing her award winning theatre show 'Alone'. This was a surprise that got me loving the music and quirky video. The trap style snares and booming 808 kick is enough to satisfy even the worse of critics that don't normally listen to urban. It's clean, sexy, and downright dope.

Thoughts on Banned David Icke Interview (COVD and 5G)

THE CORONAVIRUS CONSPIRACY: HOW COVID-19 WILL SEIZE YOUR RIGHTS & DESTROY OUR ECONOMY See the full interview with London Real & David Icke Here: My thoughts. I always err on the side of caution whenever we are presented with the "official narrative." I've seen & been an inch away from Bill & Hillary Clinton. Some Rothchilds.  I heard with my own ears, what these 'leaders' talk about behind closed doors. Read blog from 2013 here. So with these real life encounters aside, of course I've always taken in 'official news' with a grain of salt. Deep down I am not sure if COVID is 'real or not' ... David Icke seems to think it is 100% not real.... is he right? Or is it as real as the 1918 Spanish Flu? Which side of the debate are you on? I for one hear that the COVID numbers have been over inflated.